Sunday 4pm – 7pm

October 9th

Starting point: Helms Design Center 8745 Washington Blvd

Returning point: Helms Design Center 8745 Washington Blvd

The group will head out from Helms Design Center at 4pm.  The bike ride will mostly be along the Ballona Creek Bike Path, but will include some street riding when we exit the path and ride across the street to the Play Vista neighborhood.  After the tour, there will be time to get snacks or a drink at Playa Vista, then the group will head back out across the street to the bike path and ride back to Helms Bakery District. The bike ride takes about 45 minutes each way. Be sure to bring your own water and lights for your bike.

Playa Vista

The Playa Vista Walking Tour will be hosted by Stefanos Polyzoides one of the founder of the New Urbanism movement and one of the lead designers for Play Vista neighborhood.  The walking tour will provide insight into the urban design elements of the neighborhood.

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Stefanos Polyzoides Architect
Stefanos Polyzoides, Architect, MoulePolyzoides