Downtown: A New American Dream

Saturday October 8th at 6pm

A significant number of Baby Boomers and Millennials are moving back into America’s downtowns looking for a new American Dream. What they seek is walkable urbanism – a vibrant urban place where they can walk to the important destinations of life. This new life is downsized and sustainable, but not without its challenges as cities struggle with twenty-first century problems. DOWNTOWN focuses on Springfield, Missouri and its growing urban population.



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  • Andy Cline                   Director
  • Andy Cline                   Writer


  • Chelsea Eichholz        Producer


  • Tyler Beck                     Editor

Director Biography:

Andy mug

I am an associate professor of media and journalism at Missouri State University. I make documentary films with my students. We have completed two projects: 1) Shared Spaces, a documentary short about public space and social trust, and 2) Downtown, a feature-length documentary about millennials and baby boomers migrating back to city centers looking for a new American Dream.

Director Statement:

Carbon Trace Productions is a multimedia documentary project run by students and faculty at Missouri State University. We are dedicated to telling compelling stories about people living sustainable lives in an emerging era of resource limits. CTP adheres to journalistic standards in research and reporting in its quest to inform its audience about the contextual complexities of the stories it tells, including: cultural explorations, urbanism, and sustainability.

Stills from the movie: