Designing Urbanism

Short films on architecture, urban design, and city planning.

Saturday October 8th at 8pm

This collection of short films showcases how great places come from intentional efforts of planners, designers, architects, communities, and civic leaders.

Award Presentation

Prior to the screening the California Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism will present their annual awards.

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Last Dance on the Main

While a row of historic buildings on Montreal’s St Laurent boulevard is being demolished by politicians and building developers, the local community resists.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.21.25 PMA Look Inside

A Look Inside directed by Julien Stroïnovsky and Didier Minne, presents an overview of the 18 nominated projects for the Belgian Prize for Architecture 2015. This documentary, produced by A+ Architecture in Belgum, not only highlights the selection of the jury, but also reveals the qualities of contemporary Belgian architecture: prolific, modest in its gestures and sensitive in its approach to the content

Screen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_4.53.09_PMThoughts on Parking

A look at how parking influences the design and use of our neighborhoods and cities.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.18.23 PMA Vision for Downtown Oxnard

In early 2016 The Congress for the New Urbanism (CA Chapter) devoted five days in downtown Oxnard, CA with participation from local residents, stakeholders and city leaders. We go behind the scenes to capture over 20 CNU architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers, urban designers and economists doing the work they do best, bringing together a community to help realize a plan will make their city more walkable, bikeable , livable and self-sustainable.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.09.30 PMGreat Streets for Los Angeles

In 2015 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti challenged Angelenos to reimagine their streets as public spaces. Eight teams heeded his call. Here are their stories.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.43.20 PMUrban Planning Lingo: A-Z

A is for Adaptive Reuse in Chris Jones’ primer on urban planning in the form os an alphabetical glossary of New Urbanist terms.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.59.40 PMHousing, urban design and planning: should we build on brownfield or greenfield land?

Host Rob Cowan lends his sardonic dry wit to the question of brownfield vs greenfield development. First he address the history of greenbelts and the advantages of brownfield development, but ultimately (spoiler alert) answers the question: build on either as long as you can “build something better than the ugly, car-dependent, resource-hungry, carbon producing, unadaptable, non-places that we usually build.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.04.36 PMreSITE Small Talks with…

At the borders migration can be photographed. In cities it can be solved. Migration and its impact on urban space is one of the major challenges of our generation. Migration is a natural opportunity. How can cities utilize the potential posed by migration for sustainable urban development? What will be the role of public policy, real estate development, human networks, civic action in finding successful set-ups for the new residents? How can design, urban planning, policy, finance and shared values improve our quality of life while creating more resilient and economically competitive cities?

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.08.19 PMGenerica

This short musical parody pays a sarcastic homage to the generic development of suburban sprawl. The short video inspires audiences to ponder “What happens when a city’s identity is defined by ubiquitous national chains? At stake are quality jobs, local wealth, a sense of place and civic pride.”


Exile on A Street

An independent writer and consultant with a very private existence relocates from a quiet, suburban community to an inner-city artists’ co-operative. “Exile on A Street” explores the pleasures and purgatories brought on by his move.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.27.52 PMAt the Corner of Change: 82nd and Division

Some intersections are more than junctions of physical infrastructure. They are where the past and future cross, where cultures and opportunities meet. Watch as we hear residents of outer SE Portland discuss their hopes and fears for their neighborhood.

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