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The New Urbanism Film Festival was created to move the conversation about urban planning out of the text book and beyond the council chambers and into the movie theater.

How we design our cities effects everyone, not just legislatively and academically, but in a real day to day sense.  Safe sidewalks and open spaces encourage healthy lifestyle habits for ourselves and our community.  Not to mention safe driving and more bicycling, etc.

To encourage a broader audience for planning conversations we founded a film festival. To generate better films about the issues of planning, we made it a competition.  We hope that through the screenings of these films we will regenerate a dialogue between the academic, the advocate, the planner, and the public.

Now in our fourth year, we are reaching even broader audiences, inviting more voices to join the conversation about creating better places.


The 2016 Festival will be held October 6-9  in Los Angeles at the ACME Theater:

135 N. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Our advice for Public Transit.

From Downtown:

Take the 14 or the 16 and get off at La Brea.  The 14 runs along Beverly Blvd and lets you off closer to the venue.  But the 16 runs more frequently and longer into the night.  Plus the stop is right by Trader Joes.

If you are Bike/Bus combo transit user, you could take the Red Line to the Hollywood / Highland stop, then ride Hollywood Blvd West to La Brea and it is all down hill from there.  Plus you’ll get to see some recent developments and traffic mitigation measures.  Very interesting.  If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of La Brea, ride one more block west to Detroit St. and head south.

From the West

Again the 14 and 16 are your buses of choice.  If you are bike/bus combo transit user, probably take the 720 and get off at La Brea.  Then ride up Detroit street for a more relaxed ride.

North/ South:

You’ve got the 212 running North and South along La Brea. And at the north end it curls east, to connect to the Red Line at Hollywood Highland.