We formed this festival because we are passionate about New Urbanism and want to encourage people to think about how the built environment affects every aspect of our lives.

We first formed a group Noodles and New Urbanism which was a monthly meetup to discuss local issues and current events relevant to urban planning.  That led to a blog where members could share the articles, books and videos they’ve been tracking on the issue.

We decided to start the New Urbanism Film Festival so that we could convene in a group to share knowledge and successes regarding urban planning.

We hope to broaden our discussion about local issues of urban development by seeing films from worldwide.

Founders: Joel Karahadian and Josh Paget

Josh & Joel

Josh Paget

Josh Paget has been the technical director for many film festivals in Los Angeles, including the LA Comedy Fest, International Film Fest for Cinematic Arts, and the Mid East Comedy Festival.  Now he is stepping up to the role Festival Director for a festival whose subject is dear to his heart.

Josh is also an L.A. based stand up comedian.  He regularly performs stand up all around Los Angeles and is a staff writer for Hollywood Saturday Night.  He has a degree in creative writing from Seattle Pacific University. He is also a graduate of the LA Film Studies Center where he studied screenwriting.

Joel Karahadian

Joel Karahadian grew up in Los Angeles, surrounded by the entertainment industry, and as such, was absorbed into it early on. He has worked on a number of productions over the last ten years, the most exciting of which was the U2 3D movie in Argentina. After discovering New Urbanism, he became acutely aware of the need to get the word out to people via a more accessible medium, like film.

Joel is a musician, and has played with dozens of band and artists at venues around Los Angeles. He has also led worship at a number of churches in the area. He has a degree in sociology from UC Irvine.