Meet the team of individuals working hard to produce and promote the wide variety of events at the festival.  Instead of headshots, I included photos of our staff at the festival.

Josh Paget

Josh Paget with Maria Sipin, host of Women Talk Bikes

Festival Director, Co-founder, Producer

Joel Karahadian

Joel Karahadian with Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli -Wells

Co-founder, Producer

Jasmin Torner

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.19.59 PM
Jasmin Torner with Travis Knight, 2015 winner of the urbanism filmmaking challenge

Production Coordinator

Mona Telega / MonMark Agency

looking forward
Mona Telega with Josh Paget on the final night of NUFF2014

Marketing & Public Relations

Chris Elisara

Chris Elisara with Ron Finley

Associate Producer

Scott Epstein

james gross
Scott Epstein on a panel with Howard Blackson, Andy Boenau and Dean Haglund

Associate Producer

Rick Risemberg

Rick Risemberg (center right, in all black) on The Friendly Ride group bicycle tour of proposed neighborhood greenways.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Matthew Dezii

Matthew Dezii on the red carpet at NUFF2014

Festival Staff, NUFF2016

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