Sunday, October 22nd

4:00pm Architecture Short Films $12

  • Iceberg & Penguins 0:01:06
  • Build Us a Theatre! 0:02:59
  • Starship Chicago 0:16:00
  • What is Inclusive Design? 0:02:49
  • Seattle: Pocket Neighborhoods Tour 0:07:34
  • C-House 0:04:56
  • Rita House 0:03:00
  • Adventures in Buffaloland Ep4 0:10:48
  • Design That Heals 0:23:53


Iceberg & Penguins

directed by Florent Michel

On an Iceberg, there are penguins.

When Julien de Smedt asked me to make a movie about his latest building “The Iceberg”, the only possible answer was to put penguins on it of course !
This film is my way of seeing how architecture could/should be shown : not as the only subject of the film/photo, but as a strong and important background for an action.
In my opinion, that’s how it can be perceived as an even broader art as it already is.


Build Us a Theatre!

directed by Danny Hoffman

Build_Us_poster_image_laurel.jpgJamaican photographer Jeremy Francis photographs the Ward Theatre in Kingston in the hopes that his images can help rebuild the Ward, and the Ward can help rebuild Kingston after years of political conflict.

Starship Chicago

directed by Nathan Eddy


They called it Starship Chicago: architect Helmut Jahn’s kaleidoscopic, controversial State of Illinois Center, which shocked the city when it opened in 1985, may not be long for this world.

Today the building is a run down rusty shadow of its former self, occupying a lucrative downtown block and deemed expendable by the cash-strapped state legislature.

Three years after the stinging loss of brutalist icon Prentice Women’s Hospital, Chicago preservationists, along with the building’s original champion, Governor James R. Thompson, are gearing up for a major battle to save the city’s most provocative architectural statement.

What is Inclusive Design?

directed by Marika Snider

inclusive design.png

Explore how an MODA4 Design + Architecture is helping transform his community through stunning architecture and universal design. The new Goodwill Easter Seals building sees five times more visitors than the old building and uses innovative design to welcome people of all abilities. The most popular feature, The Helix, is a 400′ ramp that connects all three floors and allows people of all abilities an alternative to elevators where they can socialize and see views of the city.

Seattle: Pocket Neighborhoods Tour

directed by John Simmerman

pocket neighborhoods.pngIn this short Ross Chapin and Karen DeLucas of Ross Chapin Architects takes on a tour of two Seattle area Pocket Neighborhoods, which are small clusters of houses or apartments arranged around garden courtyards, pedestrian streets and indoor atriums.


Directed by Marika Snider

C house marika snider nuff.pngThe architect’s innovative house takes advantage of the urban environment at three scales by implementing an urban solution to a suburban lot in the city.

Rita House

directed by Diane Estelle Vicari

rita house.jpg

From its original inception in 1926 as a Hollywood prop design studio to a famed costume house for its last 50 years, RiTA HOUSE is now home to a supportive community workspace for creative entrepreneurs of all ages.

Costume designer Rita Riggs envisioned organically building a true community out of the workplace before co-working even gained popularity.

In continuing with Rita’s pursuit, Enclosures Architects Tash Rahbar, AIA and Scott Strumwasser, AIA, meticulously restored the iconic building to its former glory.

RiTA HOUSE is being repurposed and through preservation will be a sanctuary for engaged minds in the heart of Los Angeles to share and thrive within.

Adventures in Buffaloland

directed by John Paget

adventures in Buffaloland.png

“Past Genius is no Guaranty of Future Performance” – Tim shows off two treasured icons of Buffalo, Richard Upjohn’s St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral and Louis Sullivan’s Guaranty Building, and compares them to the Rath County Office Building, which came later and apparently aspires only to ultimate banality instead of taking any inspiration from the wonderful buildings which surround it.

Experience the thrills and chills of Buffalo architecture and civic design with host Tim Tielman, Buffalo’s leading preservationist and executive director of the Campaign For Greater Buffalo.

Design That Heals

directed by Alan Ricks

design that heals.jpgOn Jan 12, 2010 an earthquake rocked the capital of Port-au-Prince, killing over 150,000 people and all but destroying the city’s already weakened public infrastructure. GHESKIO staff triaged and cared for thousands of injured and sick following the disaster using donated military cots and tents.

Asking what else could be done, Dr. Pape envisioned a facility that would not only create a healthy and dignified environment for patients, but would act to disrupt the vicious cycle of infection taking place through the re-contamination of water by cholera waste. Moreover, it would be built by Haitians using locally available materials, maximizing its social and economic impact on the surrounding community.

Design that Heals is an uplifting story about leadership, innovation, and human resilience. As the building comes together, it reveals a powerful statement of what seemingly disparate fields can accomplish when they work together. As Dr. Pape achieves remarkable victories over such a complex health issue through an integrated approach to health and wellness, viewers are prompted to ask – what more can we all do?


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