Saturday, October 21st

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  • Fried Dumplings & Bikes 0:18:41
  • Nijmegen: The City That Tamed Cars 0:11:01
  • Bicycle Revolution 0:45:00





dir. Brenda Mattick

Growing up in Vietnam’s Subsidy Era, Mr Tuan remembers when bicycles cost more than houses. Hanoi is now ‘developed’ and congested, noisy and polluted because more people can afford cars and motor bikes. But Tuan has never forgotten the value of bicycles.

Nijmegen: The City That Tamed Cars

dir. Clarence Eckerson

nijgemen 2

The car-free center of Nijmegen is full of street life. Kids play and ride bikes without giving it a second thought. People just don’t have to worry about cars. Nijmegen has accomplished this by devising a system where essential motor traffic, like buses and deliveries, has access to central city streets, but other vehicles do not.

In the city center, bicycling accounts for nearly 60 percent of trips, according to Sjors Van Duren, program director of Velo-City. The stories of these smaller Dutch cities “are not often told,” he said, but they should be. The extent to which Nijmegen has prioritized walking, biking, and transit — and kept car traffic at bay — is something every city should strive for.

So I started interviewing as many people as I could — residents and visitors — about their experience in Nijmegen, to show what it’s like to live in a city where cars have been tamed and people can walk and bike where they please.


dir. Paul Steinberg

In the heart of car-dominated Los Angeles, a group of students set out on a journey to discover what it takes to create bike-friendly cities. The result is an inspiring call to action for people everywhere.


Co-directed by Professor Paul Steinberg of Harvey Mudd College and Kevin Foxe (whose credits include the original Blair Witch Project), the film documents the experience of 15 students in a college course that took place entirely on bicycles. Together the students explored a question on every young person’s mind these days: Is meaningful social change possible? In their search for answers, the students interviewed community leaders, city staff, and elected officials in dozens of cities throughout the Los Angeles region.


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