Best of NUFF Buffalo - CopyBuffalo New Urbanism Film Festival

A presentation of the award winning short films from the 2013 New Urbanism Film Festival.
Friday June 6th 2014 7pm
panamPan Am Grill & Brewery
391 Washington St
Buffalo NY 14203
Short Films on
Architecture, Bicycling, Public Health, Tactical Urbanism, Urban Design
Selections from
Buffalo, New York City, Seaside FL, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, Salt Lake City, Tampa, Baltimore
Twitter: @ NwUrbanFilmFest


We had a great time at CNU22 in Buffalo and enjoyed sharing films with leading urban planners form across the country.
Pictured below: Howard Blackson and Chris Hawley, William Fulton and Andy Boenau, Joel Karahadian and James Kunstler, and Howard Blackson, Kristen Jeffers, Eliza Harris, and finally, Josh and Joel founders of the Film Fest hold up the new urbanism banner in the CNU pop-up park outside hotel lafayette.

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