We’re working with CNU California Chapter to organize a private car on the Pacific Coast Star Light amtrak train from Los Angeles to Seattle.

We’d leave LA 2 days before CNU25 launches in Seattle.  The train trip takes 32 hours, and we’re arranging a private car.

During the trip Howard Blackson will lead an all night manifesto writing session on West Coast New Urbanism or whatever the group is most impassioned about.

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The Amtrak trip is beautiful. I (Josh) have taken it before: You ride right along the California coast for most of the day, waving to surfers on the beach and watching the sunset. Then you wake up in the snowcapped mountains of the Cascades in Southern Oregon. Have breakfast in the dining car, and lunch, then you’re in Seattle by Dinner time. (9pm)


Some details:

Date of departure: May 1st

Time of departure: 10:10am  (May 1st)

Breakfast at Homegirl Cafe at 8:30am (also a good place to grab a boxed lunch to take on the train.) Check your luggage at union station then walk over.

Arrival in Oakland: 9:00pm (May 1st)

Arrival in Seattle:  8:00pm (May 2nd)

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-3-16-44-pmThe CNUCAL organizers are planning to reserve an entire train car for the group. The train car is the historic art-deco Zephyr.  The car would include sleeping cabins.*

Estimated cost: $300-$400

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* The car does not connect to the regular train cars. A regular car “superliner roomette” currently costs $458.  One reserved coach seat is only $95.

new CS logo Coast Starlight AMTK_Essex_JB coast starlight dining

Other activities

To further enhance the trip, we are considering adding these other activities to the agenda:

1. Breakfast at Homegirl Cafe in Los Angeles before departure and possibly a private tour of Homeboy Industries.

2. Klammath Falls “blue zone” workshop and tour.