We are excited to partner with the 24th Annual Congress for the New Urbanism to host screenings of the award-winning short films from

The New Urbanism Film Festival

 Detroit MI, June 9th @ 7PM.


We are delighted to be screening at the Detroit Opera House’s Black Box Theatre. RSVP today! 


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.14.18 PM

For more information about our screenings in Detroit,

join our email list.

For more information about CNU24 and a full schedule of all the exciting events at the congress,

click here.

Click below to watch a sneak peek of the winning films:

We’re excited to be attending the 24th Annual Congress of the New Urbanism. The New Urbanists we’ve met there over the years have inspired us to create this festival, encouraged us to grow the festival, and keep us going through direct affirmation and funding, and also through their own work to make cities around the world into better places!


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