The New Urbanism Film Festival is a Film Festival with a purpose: to inspire people to make their city a better place.  NUFF Screenings are dynamic way to engage the public in conversations about urban design.  You can bring a screening of NUFF films to your hometown!

 “Thanks to short movies from New Urbanism Film Festival, we managed to broaden the scope of the event from local to international and get insights from other projects all over the world. The films gave the audience an inspirational boost, which will hopefully transform into more bottom-up initiatives in Sweden”

– Nina Tsutsieva, Global Playground Stockholm 


Now you can harness the engaging outreach power of the New Urbanism Film Festival for your organization, city, or college!  Host a screening of short films from the New Urbanism Film Festival in your neighborhood!  After five years of showcasing the best films on urban planning from all over the world, the New Urbanism Film Festival, has a library of films on almost every topic.  When you purchase a screening option, you’ll get a conference call with the festival founder, Josh Paget, to discuss the issues facing your community and together you’ll curate a series of the most impactful and inspiring films.   The film screening can be used as public outreach and/or a fundraiser for your organization.  We’ve worked with groups all over the world to host screenings and inspire people to make their cities a better place!

When you host an event, you get:

  • Up to 90 minutes of short films.
  • Conference call with Josh Paget to discuss urban planning issue specific to your community.  We’ll customize the film line up to your community.
  • Films delivered via the internet.*
  • NUFF promotional assistance, including social media promotion and blog posts.

How to Host NUFF:

  1. Pay the Licensing Fee
  2. Sign the MOU
  3. Discuss films with Josh via scheduled phone conference
  4. Review & Select films for your event
  5. Plan your local event

Here’s a list of some of the organizations we have worked with over the years to host NUFF events in their neighborhoods, colleges, and events.

Order one public screening of NUFF films.



Order one private/classroom/corporate screening of NUFF films.



Download Our MOU for hosting a NUFF event.


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