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Now you can harness the engaging outreach power of the New Urbanism Film Festival for your organization, city, or college!  Host a screening of short films from the New Urbanism Film Festival in your neighborhood!  After three years of showcasing the best films on urban planning from all over the world, the New Urbanism Film Festival, has a library of films on almost every topic.  When you purchase a screening option, you’ll get a conference call with the festival founder, Josh Paget, to discuss the issues facing your community and together you’ll choose a series of relevant films.   The film screening can be used as public outreach and/or a fundraiser for your organization.  We’ve worked with these groups to host screenings around the world!

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We were happy to partner with Global Playground Stockholm on their recent event on the topic of Tactical Urbanism in Sweden. We curated a selection of short films about tactical urbanism, here’s what they had to say…

“Thanks to short movies from New Urbanism Film Festival, we managed to broaden the scope of the event from local to international and get insights from other projects all over the world. The films gave the audience an inspirational boost, which will hopefully transform into more bottom-up initiatives in Sweden”

– Nina Tsutsieva, Global Playground Stockholm 

You too can host a screening of New Urbanism Films in your city!

Click here for Licensing Options.

Founded in 2013, the New Urbanism Film Festival (NUFF) has received hundreds of short and full length documentaries examining the urban landscape.  Josh Paget designed NUFF as a film festival with a purpose: to inspire people to make their city a better place.  Screenings at the festival have proven to be a very effective way to engage the public in conversations about urban design.

The full festival shows feature length movies as well as selections of short films based on the following categories:

  • Architecture
  • Healthy Cities
  • Urban Design
  • Bicycling
  • Street Art
  • Urban Farming
  • Economic Development
  • Tactical Urbanism Walkability

By hosting a NUFF event in your city, your organization can lead your community in exploring, examining, and evaluating urban design in your city.

Screenings can be adapted to fit your needs.  The selection will be curated by you and festival producer Josh Paget so that the screenings will be relevant to issues facing your community

When you bring the New Urbanism Film Festival to your event, you get…

  • access to award-winning short films on urban planning from around the world,
  • curated short film selections that capture your attention and cover a variety of perspectives, ensuring relevance to your cause,
  • the marketing and social media backing of NUFF. We’ll list your event on our website, advertise it on social media, and include your photos in our retrospective.
  • urban design media packages to make your film screenings a fun mini fest.


Bring the Fest to Your City in 15 easy steps:

  1. Choose and pay for which screening package you want.
  2. We’ll email you to confirm your purchase and have you sign our screening agreement.
  3. We’ll talk with you over the phone about different urban planning issues in your city.
  4. Based on our conversation, we’ll select the most dynamic and relevant films from over 200 films on a variety of topics concerning the built environment.
  5. We’ll send you a list of short films with brief synopses of each one and how it relates to your issues. Usually the list ranges 15-20
  6. You let us know which films you’d like to see.
  7. We send you links so that you can watch the short films yourself.
  8.  You choose which films you want to show based on the themes and runtimes of the films you like.
  9. We’ll send you a DVD or Bluray disc of your selected films.
  10. Hopefully by now you’ve determined where you will host the event.
  11. You find a local urban thinker or civic leader to can help break down the themes of the films as they apply to your community. (Maybe it’s you!)
  12. Let us know all the details of your event, we’ll include it on our website and social media.
  13. Enjoy the films with your friends and family and the whole town.
  14. Send us pictures of your event!
  15. Pat yourself on the back for making the world a better place.


One Set of Short Films – $315

  • Up to 90 minutes of short films.
  • Conference call with Josh Paget to discuss urban planning issue specific to your community.  We’ll customize the film line up to your community.
  • Films delivered via the internet.*
  • Postcard sets explaining principles of new urbanism.
  • NUFF web backing, Social Media, online advertising, and newsletter article for your event.

Classroom Screening – $60

  • Up to 45 minutes of short films.
  • Customized line up based on topics of interest to your programs as discussed with festival director Josh Paget.
  • Films delivered via internet.*

*DVD Option – $50

Don’t want to download the files? Or don’t have the mechanism to play video files back to back? We’ll burn you a DVD of your custom line up of short films. Add the DVD option to any package for ease of tech!

Two day Mini-Festival Option – $3,500

We will attend and help run your two day mini-festival about New Urbanism.

Programming will include:

  • Two customized short film line ups.
  • One feature film
  • One workshop and/or panel discussion hosted by Josh Paget.
  • One local tour/walk/bike ride, etc.
  • Red Carpet photos

We will also assist in press/media out reach, speaker scheduling, filmmaker attendance, festival pass, online ticketing, and hosting/organizing press room.

 We are only allowing this to happen twice during the year. So if you are interested in being one of two host cities, contact us right away! 

For more information regarding hosting a NUFF screening in your city, contact Josh Paget.

For information on package options and licensing fees, click here.

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