American Makeover: The Movie

American MakeOver

8 PM Saturday Nov 9

American Makeover: The Movie 

by First + Main Media

American Makeover The Movie:  Enough with extreme kitchen remodels and plastic surgery – what really needs a makeover is the American city! Our towns, neighborhoods and public spaces are full of ugly sprawl, with huge consequences for our health and environment.

Originally a six-episode web series, American Makeover takes the audience to cities across America in search of the antidote to sprawl.  In American Makeover The Movie, the producer and director have created a special feature length compilation from American Makeover’s first two episodes featuring Atlanta and Seaside, and unreleased footage from future episodes featuring Fresno and  Buffalo specially for the New Urbanism Film Festival.

John Paget, Director:  Originally from Olympia, Washington and now based in Buffalo, New York, John’s award-winning documentary films have won critical acclaim for their witty and provocative exploration of American cultural icons and idiosyncrasies.

Applying his well honed documentary skills to his short film work, John has won numerous awards for his promotional video projects for clients ranging from non-profits, to TV networks, and Fortune 500 companies.

Chris Elisara, Ph.D., Producer:  A visionary social entrepreneur and filmmaker, Chris has over 20 years experience producing award-winning broadcast documentaries, promotional videos, and media strategy with director, and First+Main Media co-founder, John Paget.


Elizabeth Moule Stefanos Polyzoides


After the screening, join us for a Q&A with two of the award winning architects featured in the film: Elizabeth Moule and Stefanos Polyzoides