The bicycle is the most accessible mode of transportation.  It gets you further than walking, and yet it remains cheap, no leasing and down payments of a car and requisite insurance, no annual metro pass renewal, just some grease every so often and maybe some quarters if you need to pump up your tires at the service station.  This collection of short films shows how to increase cycling in your city and how to do it with style.





One of the major obstacles to bicycling is the style.  Tight shorts, helmets that mess up your hair, pant legs tucked into socks, all add up to a hassle or in the best case scenario and enjoyable activity.  Either way, cycling is not seamlessly integrated into our culture.  See how we can create a stylish cycling culture in our own community.


From the streets of Bogota to the streets of Los Angeles, people are giving up their cars for one day to enjoy bicycling on car free boulevards.  CicLAVia has grown exponentially with each car-free event.  See how the cycling community reaches out to newbies and institutions to create a unique experience where the whole city can come together, even if it keeps them apart spatially.


Rent by the hour bikes have become all the rage for city planners.  NYC to SLC and everywhere in between, cities are embracing public bicycle rentals.  But are they anymore effective than if each of us had our own bike?  Are they enjoyable and efficient?  Some personal reporting cracks the case.

The complete line up of bicycle short films is TBA

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