BUSted!, features true stories about getting around Los Angeles, told by people who don’t drive. You’ll hear tales of freaks, creeps and rock and roll stars riding the busses and trains of Los Angeles. These true stories told by comedians, musicians, writers and other public transit miscreants, will make you laugh and/or freak you out.

“Perfectly tailored for a city where public transportation is so underutilized. The humorous and occasionally moving tales become as much a celebration of ditching a car as commiseration over its frustrations.”




Hosted by Scott Schultz

scottpic Scott Schultz
Scott Schultz is an award-winning storyteller from Boston, where he won The Big Mouthoff for the 2013 Massmouth Storyslams season. He produces and hosts BUSted!
IMG_9090Martin Torner
With roots in San Francisco and San Diego, Martin Torner is a filmmaker who’s brought his stories to the stage. Martin is a Moth Grand Slam Champion, a regular Chatterbox performer and is no stranger to the wonderful UCB theater. From the barstool to the stage his style stays the same.
SabrinaSabrina Cognata
Sabrina Cognata is a writer and storyteller who’s worked for a lot of places she doesn’t give a fuck about. Don’t believe her? Just ask her knife.
KatyaKatya Duft
Katya Duft is an LA-based linguist and public transit blogger. She enjoys writing short stories and poetry for her “Tales from the Bus” blog.
Jenna BristerJenna Brister
Jenna was raised on the coffee-stained streets of Seattle, and has spent her adulthood in NYC and LA, playing pretend (training at the Groundlings School and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre) and keeping it real (producing her monthly variety show The Chatterbox at The Hollywood Improv). Jenna has won 4 Moth-Storyslams, and recently fulfilled every A-Cup’s dream when she appeared fully clothed on Playboy TV. She lives in Venice Beach with her dog Jack and her cat Dante.
10744763_10152848438487871_1890963001_nBuck Ball
Buck Ball is a storyteller who uses his southern upbringing to cultivate humor.
New Urbanism Film Festival Los Angeles 2014 Nov 6-9

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