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While city officials around the world focus their efforts on bicycle policy and infrastructure, they continue to overlook a critical third prong of increasing ridership: marketing the cycling lifestyle. This gap is currently being filled by advocacy groups and the bicycle industry, who often fall into the trap of dangerizing, politicizing, and overcomplicating the act of citizen cycling. Enter the Cycle Chic Movement, which exploded from the streets of Copenhagen in 2006, inspiring millions around the world to dress for the destination, and choose “style over speed”. Vancouver Cycle Chic – an active member of the Cycle Chic Republic – produced a series of short films to promote the simple and stylish act of getting on a bicycle, in the hope they would also motivate authorities to reconsider how they market bicycle culture to their citizens.

Marketing Bicycle Culture

Live broadcast interactive workshop

Presented by Vancouver Cycle Chic


Vancouver Cycle Chic just completed a series of promotional films.  What are they promoting?  Style over speed.  That’s right! The bicycle isn’t an extreme sport.  it doesn’t require special, tight fitting clothes.  It is for the stylish, the artistic, the everyday citizen.


Join us in the theater to see the complete series.  Then the Vancouver Cycle Chic production team will lead a discussion about how to film on two wheels and how bicycle advocacy can be more inclusive of the style conscience.