LABART: Street Art Films

Slide7New Urbanism Film Festival  – Los Angeles, 2014 – November 6-9

Street Art Short Films at LABART Gallery – Saturday 3PM

Our block of  Street Art Short Film will be screened off-site at LABART Gallery.  LABART is the world’s largest gallery dedicated to Street Art.  They are right down the street from the theater and are excited to host a special screening for the festival.

Street Art was one of the new categories added to the festival this year.  New Urbanism is all about creating a public realm that dignifies the human condition. Street Art definitely creates a sense of place, character and charm in the neighborhood.

Here’s a short trailer from “Streets of Art” a short film on the line up for our LABART Screening.



  • Humanexus
  • KERS
  • Readymade on the Corner
  • Simon
  • Streets of Art

KERS Poster


Other Short Film Topics:

new urbanism 101

 Slide35Slide34URBAN FARMS



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New Urbanism Film Festival  – Los Angeles, 2014 – November 6-9

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