2015 New Urbanism Film Festival

Here’s the list of events, screenings, workshops, panels, and tours happening during the 2015 New Urbanism Film Festival.  Check back here for updates, ticket links, and special announcements!

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Saturday October 3rd

 10am 4th Annual Pastry Walk

Walking tour of local bakeries. Join us as we explore the urban fabric of Mid City Los Angeles while sampling some pastries from the hip bakery scene in the neighborhood.


Sunday October 4th


7pm Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge: Project Presentations

Leading Urban Thinkers and Civic Leaders give presentations on the projects that are shaping Los Angeles today.  Like a TED Talks seminar all about urbanism in Los Angeles.

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9pm Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge: Networking

Urbanists + Filmmakers mix-n-mingle in order to arrange a production schedule for their film projects.

Thursday October 8th


7pm New Urbanism 101

Short films explaining the basics of new urbanism.

Followed by Q&A with Neal Payton and Festival Director Josh Paget

Short Films:

Boston Complete Streets, The Millenial Shift Towards Walkable Neighborhoods, Diagnose Your Habitat, Florida Seven 50, Adventures in BuffaloLand, Atelier de Rua,

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8pm East LA Interchange

This feature-length documentary explores how the freeways – a symbol of Los Angeles ingrained in America’s popular imagination – impact Boyle Heights’ residents: literally, as an environmental hazard and structural blockade and figuratively, as a conversational interchange about why the future of their beloved community should matter to us all.

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9:30pm Opening Night Reception

Join us at Amalfi Ristorante for the opening night after party.

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Friday October 9th

4pm Street Art Short Films

Short Films examining the role of Street Art and Public Art in creating a sense of place and community within urban contexts.

Short Films: Looking for Gromit, What I See in the D, Mary Mattingly’s Waterfront, L’armour, Graftstract,  From Street to Art, Sound Piece,

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7pm Urban World

The Urban World follows the experiences of one family living in a mixed Hindu/Muslim slum as they and 18,000 other families are evicted from their homes to make way for a massive development project. The film raises multiple questions regarding public policy and social justice in solving the plight of the world’s urban poor.

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8pm Sociology & Urbanism Short Films

Short films examining the sociological impacts of urbanism on individuals and communities.

Short Films:  Future Portland, Milieu, Avidor, Landfill, Shared Spaces, Every Speed, I’d Rather Stay, Arlington Passages: Chris & Rachael

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9:30pm BUSted

The popular, award-winning story telling show, BUSted, returns to the New Urbanism Film Festival. A live performance show, storytellers and comedians tell true tales of getting around Los Angeles told by people who don’t drive.

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Saturday October 10th


10am Street Art Walking Tour of World Famous Melrose Avenue

Explore the official and unofficial Street Art of Melrose Avenue. Click here for tickets.

11am Architecture Short Films + Lutah

Short films explaining how architecture affects the community around it.  Lutah, an hour long documentary about one of the first female architects to pioneer the style Spanish Revival, which became Southern California’s signature architectural style.  Followed by “Architecture Rehab” a presentation by Gerhard Mayer, author of Design City LA

Films: Villages in the City, The NorthParker, Adventures in Buffaloland, Lutah

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1pm Active Transportation Short Films

Short films showcasing cities improving their walking, biking, and bus networks.

Followed by a presentation by Diego Cardoso + Team.  Cardoso is the Director of Planning at Los Angeles County Metro Authority.

Short Films: Arlington Passages Grant & Gillian, The Morning Ride, Velo Visionaries, Plight of the North American BiPed, Bikes vs. Cars The False Dichotomy, Cars + Peds, Be Inspired & Get Involved, The Road To School, The Edible Bus Stop, Riding the 909, CT Fastrack, Streetsploitation,

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3pm Workshop: Joining the Conversation – Women in Urbanism

Since 2012, Melissa Bruntlett, co-founder of Modacity, has been sharing her stories and experiences as a woman and mother living a car-free, two-wheeled lifestyle in the city of Vancouver, BC. Through online interactions and attending various urbanism events, Melissa quickly noticed that she was often one of the only women in the room. Since then, she has set to find out why women still make up a minority in the urbanism world, and discuss the importance of bringing them into the conversation. In this workshop, Melissa will discuss barriers faced by women, why it is important to encourage involvement to build more inclusive vision for our cities, and strides that have been made by women throughout North America, both historically and today.

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4pm Urbanism Economies

Short films showcasing the economic impacts of progressive urban planning.  Followed by a conversation with Howard Blackson an urban planner who was part of the San Diego Civic Innovation Lab.

Short Films: The Edge of Memphis, Do Season, Olvera Street, The Idea District, Arlington Passages: Natalie

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6pm Can You Dig This?

This feature-length documentary explores an urban gardening movement taking root in South LA, people are planting to transform their neighborhoods and are changing their own lives in the process.

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6pm CNU member dinner

Card-carrying New Urbanists are invited to a special evening reception at Amalfi Ristorante.

8pm Urban Design Short Films & CNU California Award Presentation

Short Films on the human experience of urban design. Followed by a panel discussion with the Board of Directors of the California Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism

Short Films: This is Market Street, Streetsploitation, The Cerebral City

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Sunday October 11th


9am Jane’s Walk Miracle Mile

A Walking Tour of the Historical Miracle Mile of Los Angeles. Click here for tickets.

2pm  Aftermass: Cycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland

Aftermass is the first feature documentary to explore the events, people, politics, and social changes that led to Portland becoming the first major bicycle city in the United States.  Followed by talk on citizen activism in bike policy with Josef Bray-Ali, owner of Flying Pigeon LA.

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4pm Spoke:

The U.S has the highest instance of cyclist fatalities and injuries in the developed world. Spoke interviews crash victims, urban planners, activists and law enforcement to investigate the causes. SPOKE is an adventure-tale that looks to empower users of the humble bicycle.  Followed by discussion with Nona Varnado of LA Bike Trains.

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6pm Our Food Chain

Our Food Chain documents a revolution in the Los Angeles school meal program through the eyes of school administrators, physicians, farmers, teachers, and politicians. They have come together with the idea of disrupting what our children are fed in schools and helping to create a new paradigm.  From how food is grown, to the student’s own perspective of healthy eating, the results show that a transformation is possible.

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8pm Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge Presentation + Awards

The Top Ten Films from the week’s Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge will be screened.  The Award for this event, as well as all the film awards for the festival will be announced at this event.

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9pm  Closing Party

Closing Night Party at Amalfi Ristorante. Join us and all the filmmakers and urbanists for merriment and answers to the question: where do we go from here?

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