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dir. Cornelius Swart

At a time of skyrocketing racial and class tensions in America, “Priced Out” is an investigative and personal look at how housing prices are displacing Portland’s black community and working families all across the city. The feature-length documentary explores the complexities and contradictions of gentrification and the future of American cities.

Director Statement

In our extremely divided country, gentrification is an issue of race and class that challenge American cities every day. The issue is not just a news headline or social media gossip — it’s an story in which millions of Americans have roles to, for good or bad. cornelius swart priced out
If we as a nation are going to move past our divisions, we’ll need to look at issues like gentrification from as many different angles as we can, not just from the POV that confirms our own beliefs and biases. Our goal is that “Priced Out” will help ease polarization around gentrification by portraying all of its complexities and contradictions.

Gentrification is rapidly growing into a national issue. In New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, urban growth that displaces poor residents has been part of a decades-long debate. But now gentrification has become an issue for mid-sized and even small cities from coast to coast. From Buffalo to San Antonio, people are choosing to live in city centers, which is bringing, among other things, gentrification, root shock, segregation, and the destabilization and displacement of marginalized urban communities.

“Priced Out” is a timely project for those mid-sized and small cities looking for ways to grapple with gentrification and establish new policies before displacement becomes widespread, and for communities that are increasingly fragmented by race and class divisions.



future_portland_onesheet_medAmerican cities are growing in almost every way imaginable; bigger, taller and wider. But are they getting better? Under the weight of this tremendous momentum that is reshaping our urban centers, many communities are feeling pressure to move away from their neighborhoods. In Portland, Oregon, the small African-American population is particularly vulnerable to the rapid changes that have impacted the Pacific Northwest.



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