It took a tremendous effort to get our film festival off the ground in our first year.  We are tremendously grateful for the support and encouragement of these founding sponsors.

Our event partners are not only supportive of the festival, but supportive in our community.  We realize it is not just a monetary commitment, but a community relationship, so whether it is their delicious cookies, inspiring art, or tremendous advocacy efforts, we applaud their contribution to this community.  As we gain sponsors, we write about them in our blog section.  Please check out their work within the community.

If you would like to become a sponsor or partner of the festival, please email our sponsorship coordinator:



Festival Partners:                                     Neighborhood Partners:

Balcony Press                                              Oneness Media

California CNU                                            Walk Bike Glendale

Congress for the New Urbanism           New York Film Academy

First + Main Media                                     Shots Of Whiskey Photography     

FORM Magazine                                         Dustoon Comics         

Fresno Metro Ministry                    

Place Makers                                              Luckie Pierre Entertainment

                                Muse on 8th


                                Notebook on Cities & Culture

Interested in becoming a sponsor?