Submitting FAQ


Save yourself a headache and read these answers to our Frequently Asked Questions:

 Do you accept only films complete in 2016/2017?

 We accept all films regardless of date filmed, completed, distributed, etc.  Our mission is to curate the best films about urban design.

 I produced a series of videos on this issue, can I submit more than one in my series?

 Yes!  If you produced a web series or episodic piece about urban planning, please send it in.   You can submit individual episodes as a short film, or you can submit the entire series as a feature.  If you submit as a feature, we’ll watch the whole series and consider it as a feature and also consider individual episodes as short films in the relevant categories.

 Can you waive my entry fee?  I am a starving filmmaker / work for a good cause and I can’t afford the entry fee.

 While we are fellow filmmakers and can completely relate, unfortunately we cannot waive any fees.  It’s just not fair to all the other starving filmmakers.  We do offer discounts to students, CNU members, directors who already screened at NUFF in previous years, and more. Just ask.

How will I know if you received my DVD?

Rest assured we did NOT.  Do not send a DVD. Why would you do that? Submit online.

Can I submit more than one film?

Sure, you can submit a thousand films – as long as they all accompany their own entry form and fee.

My film fits into two categories (e.g. tactical urbanism AND street art), which should I submit it for?

When submitted, all films are categorized by length: Feature, Featurette, Short or Micro.  The festival judges review the films and select the best ones.  For the festival screenings, the films are grouped based on topics.  Topics are decided based on films, speakers, workshops and tours that also make up the festival.

Am I eligible if I live outside the U.S.?

Absolutely! Submit it online using

Can I submit a rough cut?

 No, whatever version you submit will be the version we screen.

 Can I submit my film if I am under 18?

 You can, if you have a parent or guardian submit it for you.


Can I enter if my film has screened at other festivals or on the Internet?

Yes.  And let us know if it won any awards!

My film was made a while ago, can I still submit it?

Yes.  We have no time limit on when it was made.  As long as it is still relevant.


 I have a film that I think might fit in the theme, but I am not sure. Can you preview it and tell me if I am wasting my entry fee?

 Send us a link and we’ll take a look.  We’ll be happy to watch a trailer or the first few minutes of your film and let you know if it fits.

 I just missed your deadline – am I screwed?

 Email us at info at newurbanismfilmfestival dot com.  If we still have enough time to fairly review your project, then we may waive the deadline.

How will I know if I am accepted in the festival?

We will notify you by email with a series of instructions arranging to get a screening copy of the film, film stills, a video trailer, press release, and how to tickets for you/your crew. Get these materials ready now because we will want them from you as soon as we notify that your film has been accepted. Also, it will help you with other festivals!

How will I know if I won the big contest?

We announce the winners on the final night of the festival. If you are not present, follow the hashtag #nuff2017 for all the updates on the festival, including award winners.