Thursday, October 19th

7:30pm Tactical Urbanism Short Films $20

  • Transform Your City With Tactical Urbanism 0:08:22
  • Park(ing) Day São Paulo 0:01:22
  • Boombox Retail 0:04:34
  • Bill 0:02:30
  • Parkside Park-In 0:03:30
  • Urban Conga* 0:03:01
  • Instrument of Change: Street Piano 0:42:13


Transform Your City With Tactical Urbanism

directed by Clarence Ereckson

If you’re a public space aficionado or transportation maven, one only needs to sign on to one of the various social media feeds to see the daily movement that is sweeping across the world: groups of people are literally taking back their streets by implementing low-cost, temporary solutions to what they see as simple ways of making their streets safer or more livable.streets films tactical

In many cities, people have started placing traffic cones at intersections to slow turning vehicles and make drivers behave more predictably when they interact with bikes and pedestrians. In fact, many citizens have formed Twitter groups generally referred to as Departments of Transformation (DOTr) as opposed to the traditional city Department of Transportations (DOTs). These groups are showing their fellow citizens innovative visual solutions to make safer streets with quick strike executions – which sometimes only last a few hours until they are removed by their government. But each week more empowered people are deciding they are fed up and joining the movement and not waiting for their agencies to act.

Over the years, this sort of inexpensive, rapid-deployment has been known by various terms, but since around 2010 the term Tactical Urbanism has gained a lot of traction in the transportation community. And not only are we seeing some cities starting to responding positively and making some of these citizen resolutions permanent, but even outright sponsoring and sanctioning their own. So sit back and watch as we visit just a small fraction of the community making this happen!

Park(ing) Day São Paulo 

During international Park (ing) day, September 2016, Urb-i organized a temporary intervention ocuppying two parking spaces. The objective was to provoke reflections on the way we use public space. This was done with the collaboration of local businesses.

tactical urbanism 3

Boombox Retail 

directed by Marika Snider

Boombox Retail re-imagines shipping containers as micro-retail pop-up shops. These tiny buildings help micro-businesses get the visibility and metrics they need to establish themselves in the market.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.26.08 PM


directed by Callista Ottoni

Bill, a 92 year old retired farmer, now living in an urban environment, has had to adapt. This heartwarming short shares his wit and resilience as he struggles to overcome mobility challenges, and find meaning in his daily life.
Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.13.05 PM

Parkside Park-In 

directed by John Paget

Parkside Avenue is part of the historic, Frederick Law Olmsted designed Parkside neighborhood of Buffalo, NY. Over the years, changes to the avenue have degraded both safety and connectivity between Delaware Park and the surrounding neighborhoods. Citizens for Parkside Avenue is part of a community effort to improve the safety, beauty, and connectivity of Parkside Avenue, honoring its history and restoring its value to the neighborhood and the city. This short film documents our tactical urbanism event of November 6, 2013.  Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 11.28.53 PM

The Hang Out – Urban Conga

directed by Michael Flanagan

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 11.35.25 PM“The Hangout” is an interactive play space that sparks creativity, exploration, and free-choice learning. The space will transform the area by focusing on certain senses such as sight, sound, and touch to create an active communal space.

Music is a big part of New Orleans so we wanted to incorporate sound as a way to play and create. Each platform that is touched makes a specific note or sound that allows the community to begin to create songs and small concerts with the piece. Also safety is a huge issue in the Lower Ninth, so we focused on having the piece to act as source of lighting for the block at night. As kids and families begin to play and touch the pieces the lights begin to change, and the space becomes this magical musical light show rather than a dreary path taken by many to go to work, run errands, go to school, and much more.

The Hangout is located next to the Lower ninth ward’s only grocery store, barber shop, and laundromat. This is a spot that people consistently travel to take care of their daily needs. It is also right off of one of the only bus route that runs through the Lower Ninth ward. We intend for this installation to add to the already strong communal space that exists in this area.


Instrument of Change: Street Piano 

directed by Maureen Ni Fiann

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.49.39 PMAcoustic pianos that were once at the heart of our community lives are being dumped. Thousands go to landfill every year. In this film we see how some get rescued and are put on the street for anyone to play. Street pianos become a magnet for a rich diversity of players and bring human connection into urban spaces.
Music transforms peoples lives and street pianos transform cities.


Watch a clip here: