Saturday, October 21st


5:30 Tony – The Movie $15

  • Tony – The Movie 1:02:01


Tony – The Movie

When Tony ends up homeless after losing his job as a waiter in San Diego, he is faced with the daily struggles of life on the streets. His search for housing begins, but then turns into a quest for solutions to homelessness, not just for himself, but for thousands people living on the streets across the county. The investigation takes him to the top levels of government locally, but also to regions across the country where progress is being made. What do communities do to significantly reduce homelessness? What is happening in San Diego? And does Tony find housing?


Director Statement

Tony and I filmed and edited this documentary between November 2016 and August 2017. Tony has been living on the streets the entire time. We interviewed 30+ people and the full versions of these interviews are posted on this website. I encourage those who are interested in this topic to watch these videos for additional context.