September 29th – October 9th

8745 Washington Blvd Culver City CA 90232

Filmmakers have a week to shoot and edit a 3-5 minute documentary about a contemporary LA urban planning issue or project.

Part 1: NUFF Talks (Thursday, September 29th, 7pm)

Top urban thinkers and local community leaders give seven minute long presentations on LA’s dynamic urban landscape. These presentations form the basis of the documentaries.  Topics are as diverse as the city itself and may include street art, road diets, homelessness, development issues, advocacy efforts, and more. The filmmakers who have accepted the challenge watch the presentations, and afterwards choose who they want to work with. It’s a fun urbanism/filmmaking speed dating atmosphere. (This event is also open to the public.)

Part 2: Filmmaking (September 30th – October 8th)VV_AT_filming_01

The following week, the urbanist and filmmaker work together to complete the film.  The urbanist may assist the filmmaker by arranging location shoots and interviews with fellow experts, and by providing historical or relevant photos. The films are finished and submitted by 11:59pm Saturday October 8th.


Part 3: Film Premieres (Sunday October 9th 7pm)

The films are premiered at the Helms Design Center on Sunday October 9th at 7pm. Awards are presented immediately following the screening.


1st Place: $300 Cash, Betabrand Gear Bag, Custom Design Award, NUFF Gift bag, and Registration with InkTip.  2nd & 3rd Place: Betabrand Gear Bag and NUFF Gift bag.


The judges panel includes:

  • Lisa Hasko (International Documentary Association)
  • Travis Knight (last year’s winner)
  • Diego Cardoso (Planning Director for LA County Metro)


This event is sponsored by Helms Bakery District and hosted at the Helms Design Center. 8745 Washington Blvd Culver City 90232

betabrand new urbanism film festivalhbd_logo2015_final_retinainktip logo New Urbanism Film Festival NUFF2016

Entry Fee:

  Filmmakers $25, Urbanists $25, Audience $10. Student & Non-profit discounts available.

The filmmaker retains all rights to the films, but not exclusively; The New Urbanism Film Festival shares the rights to all the films.  NUFF retains the rights to screen the film at any future NUFF event, publish the film online, share it on social media, use it in promotion of the fest, and to sell the films for private home use (DVD or direct download). The filmmaker is free (encouraged!) to further develop their project (re-edit, extended cut, etc) and would retain exclusive rights to that version.

Have more questions?  Read our F.A.Q. Below

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If I am an urbanist, do I need to find a filmmaker before I sign up?

No, filmmakers and urbanists register separately.  You connect with a filmmaker after the NUFF Talks presentation.

If I am a filmmaker, do I need to have a topic in mind before I sign up?

No. The topics for films will be the topics presented at NUFFTalks

Can I enter as a filmmaker and bring my own crew?

Yes, filmmakers can form teams prior to the event and register together as a team.

Why is there an entry fee?

That way you know that the filmmaker or presenter you are partnered with is taking the challenge seriously.

What does the money go to?

The space, the prizes, the reception, the organizing, all that kind of stuff.

Are their discounts/waivers available for students or non-profit groups?

Yes. Email Josh at newurbanismfilmfestival.com

What do I use to make my presentation?

Please use google slides. The presentation must be sent to NUFF by 8:00am Thursday September 29th. We will download them and test them at the venue in the afternoon.  Do not use powerpoint (too many complications between different versions and installed fonts, etc.!) Don’t worry about having animations, etc. The filmmakers will be making the presentation interesting.

When is the final film due?

Upload the video file (quicktime apple prores 422 proxy) by 11:59pm Saturday October 8th.

 What happens to videos after the premiere?

NUFF uploads them to youtube and retains rights to screen them at future NUFF events and to include them on NUFF media.

The filmmaker also retains rights to the video. They can include it on their site, reel, etc.  They can re-edit it to screen it at other festivals or create a longer project.

Will there be video of the presentations themselves?

Yes, the presentations will be broadcast on the internet and available after the event on the NUFF youtube page.




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