Saturday, October 21st

7:30 Urban Design Short Films & CNUCAL Awards $20

  • CNUCAL Awards 0:15:00
  • blight 0:06:27
  • Seaport Views 0:10:00
  • The New Memphis 0:01:46
  • Urban Lament 0:03:00
  • The Kenton Lead Blob 0:10:08
  • Community Engagement: Colfax Ave 0:03:19
  • Tactical Urbanism Workshop – Cataguases 0:01:24
  • BEFORE | AFTER 0:01:45
  • Redemption Square 0:16:55
  • Cycologic 0:15:00



President of the CNUCAL, Howard Blackson

The California Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism will present the Paul Crawford Award to an urban designer working in California.



directed by Babaak Parcham

Blight_Poster.jpgThe foreclosure crisis hit Cleveland particularly hard, and the city is still reeling from the urban blight that accompanies abandoned homes and neighborhoods. blight examines the efforts of Thriving Communities, an organization that helps struggling neighborhoods transform themselves.

Seaport Views 

directed by Bob Nesson

Seaport Views 2.pngBoston’s Seaport District is a hotbed of new construction on a former railroad yard. But the city’s political process — “parcellation” has led to a landscape of stand-alone glass towers, big roads, and a lack of human scale. This brief film examines the history, process, and effects — while questioning what makes a great city.

The New Memphis 

directed by

New Memphis.jpgThe New Memphis is all around you. Our city is built from the old and made for the now. We are rich in history and committed to a bright future. We are the New Memphis.

Urban Lament 

directed by Amanda MacchiaUrbanLamentPoster.jpg

Blurring the lines between documentary and poetry, Urban Lament is a short experimental film exploring the impacts of architecture and gentrification on modern metropolitan neighbourhoods.

Shot in Toronto’s East End and written by local poet T.C. Wilson, the trends documented in this film affect not only the artists’ hometown but global societies at large.

The Kenton Lead Blob 

directed by Zach Putnam

kenton lead blob.jpgWhen Zach saw a news article that suggested he was living in a hotspot of lead pollution, he took action. Connecting with his neighbors through social media, a community-led investigation began, with hopes of getting to the bottom of any causes and health risks that could be affecting them and their families.

This film was produced as a student project in the University of Oregon Master’s in Multimedia Journalism program.

Community Engagement: Colfax Ave 

directed by Maya Weatherall

Colfax.pngA short documentary on pedestrian and city views on the five point intersection in Denver, Colorado

Tactical Urbanism Workshop – Cataguases 

directed by Paulo Carmagnani Franco

tactical urbanism.jpg

Urb-i conducted a workshop at the CATS (Congress Architecture Tourism ans Sustainability) in Cataguases, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Together with architect Mariela Oliveira and 25 students a small trianglular space in the city was transformed for a few hours.


directed by Paulo Carmagnani Franco

before after.jpgThe Before | After Project.
Showcasing public space transformations worldwide from car-oriented to people friendly, as seen from Streetview.

Redemption Square 

directed by John Moody

Red_Sq-16.jpgA journey through the hidden world of Pershing Square, downtown L.A.’s oldest and most eclectic public space.




directed by Emilia Stålhammar, Veronica Pålsson, Elsa LövdinDirector

When one’s traveling the streets of Kampala one does not only face a chaotic and dangerous traffic environment but also struggles to go through endless queues, pollutions, motorcyclists and cars attacking you from every angle which is a energy-consuming dilemma.

Politicians seems to have given up but there are a few people who strives to show that there are alternative ways of movements. The urban planner Amanda Ngabirano’s biggest dream is to have a cycling lane in her city.

An impossible task, according to most people, but not according to Amanda.


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