2015 Festival:

Best of Fest: I’d Rather Stay

Best Bicycle Film: Arlington Passages: Natalie

Best Street Art Film: Graftract

Best Urban Design Film: Cerebral City

Best Urban Economies Film: The Edge of Memphis

Best Architecture Film: Lutah

Best Healthy Cities Film: Can You Dig This?

Best Feature Film: East LA Interchange

Best Urbanism Sociology Film: Every Speed

Honorable Mentions:

Landfill: From Guppies to Yuppies

Road to School


2014 Festival


Best of Fest – Big Kids, Little City by Envision Utah

Emerging Ideas Award – BUSted Storytelling Show

Best Architecture Film – N/A

Best Bicycling Film – Wenzday Jane and the Culture of Change by Bob Nesson

Best Street Art Film – Streets of Art by Nate Peracciny

Best Tactical Urbanism Film – Awesome Tampa by Ryan Swanson

Best Urban Design Film – The Bus Stop, London’s Agent of Change by UCL squared

Best Walkability Film – Walk, Don’t Walk by Andy Boenau


2013 Festival

Best of Fest – Saga City by Vivre en Ville

Emerging Ideas Award – The Urban Conga

Best Architecture Film – Adventures in Buffaloland by Tim Teilman

Best Bicycling Film – “Heart and Soul” by Chris Bruntlett

Best Healthy Cities Film – Lawn Removal Party by Stephon Litwinczuk

Best Tactical Urbanism Film – Borrowed Light by Olivia Huyn

Best Urban Design Film – Seaside City of Ideas by First + Main Media

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