The New Urbanism Film Festival is currently on a hiatus.

Help us relaunch the festival in 2019!

Satellite screenings will still take place around the globe.

You can host a screening of especially curated films from our library.   

The New Urbanism Film Festival screens short and feature length films on the topic of the built environment. The festival also includes walking tours, bike rides, art walks, and foodie tours that get audiences out on the town and exploring the city in fun new ways.  

Josh Paget and Joel Karahadian founded the festival in 2013 as a way to take the conversation about urban planning beyond the classroom, out of the council chambers, and on to the silver screen.  Since then the festival has travelled the world, hosting smaller-scale screenings in Austin, Buffalo, Dallas, Detroit, Fresno, Milan, Olympia, Oxnard, Salt Lake City, Shenzhen, Stockholm, and Venice.

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