CALL FOR ENTRIES for the 2013 New Urbanism Film Festival

Feature Films / Short Films / Super Shorts / Webseries

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Do you have a feature film, short film, webseries, short doc, or video essay that explores the city?  Admires architecture? Argues for walk-a-bility?  Presents a solution for sprawl? Inspires civic pride? Whether it is a documentary, comedy, fiction or non-fiction, if it shows how we can make our cities and towns better places, then we want to see it!

The NEW URBANISM FILM FESTIVAL seeks to broaden the conversation about how we design our cities.  Instead of preaching design principles in academic books, codes, and seminars and we are using movies, animation, and webseries to show how design effects our every day life.


Short Film (1-30min)

Feature Film (30+ min)

Emerging Ideas (Less then 4min)

TO SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT makes submitting online easy.  No DVDs, no envelopes, no lines at the post office, just upload a digital file!

We do accept submissions through the mail, visit our website for more instructions.


The Festival will be held in Los Angeles November 7-10.  In addition to several blocks of film screenings we will schedule plenty of time for you to explore the city and join the conversation.