We are pleased to hosting the New Urbanism Film Festival at the ACME Theater in Hollywood

ACME Theater

The ACME Theater is the perfect space for Film Festivals.  With Blu-Ray projection  and 120 plush seats, it is the perfect blend of high-tech and intimate in one setting.  Perfect for viewing, Q&A sessions and panel discussions.

ACME Theater

The ACME Theater also has HD Broadcast capabilty, which we will be using for our two Saturday evening workshops:

Style Over Speed: Marketing Bicycle Culture

Saturday at 5:30PM


Notebook on Cities, Live Podcast

Saturday at 6:30PM

ACME Theater Big Screen

ACME Comedy Theater is Historic

ACME was founded by writers for the WB cartoons.  They wanted a place to showcase themselves as comedy performers, not just writers, so they founded their own comedy theater.  And if you can have ACME Anvils, and ACME Dynamite, and ACME Rocket Skates, why not ACME Comedy Theater?

Over the years ACME Comedy has  provided training for new comedians and allowed comedy stalwarts to come play for a local audience.

Today ACME continues the legacy of showcasing comedy performers.  After a remodel and tech upgrade, the theater space now acts as an HD broadcast studio.  Shows  are broadcast worldwide from this legendary comedy stage in the heart of Hollywood.