February 1st is the first day of submissions for the 2015 New Urbanism Film Festival.

The 2015 New Urbanism Film Festival will be held in Los Angeles during the month of October.  Submissions can be short or feature length films on the topics of urban planning, architecture, street art, public transit, economic development, walkability, tactical urbanism, urban farming or any emerging idea in your city.

Deadline for submissions is July 31st.  But enter early to take advantage of reduced fees. In fact, during the month of February, short films under 5 minutes can be submitted free of charge!

The 2014 festival received over 100 films from 17 different countries.  All of which presented ideas and concepts for how cities are changing, adapting, and growing, to be more human, friendly, dignifying, and catered to the human experience.

This is the third year of for the festival and found Josh Paget says that he is confident even more ideas will emerge. “We’ve found that movies can excite conversations among people better than a book, articles or a lecture.  I want to find the modern day movie version of Life and Death of Great American Cities. Don’t you want to see that?”

If such a movie is in the works, you’ll wind up seeing it at New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles, October 2015.

If you are making that movie. You better submit it by July 31st!