Technology has its ups and downs.  One of the ups is how we were able to connect with so many people practicing good urbanism in Los Angeles. One of the downs was that I missed out on a lot of cool tweets from last year’s fest.  I was on the go, and posting via mobile which sorts and displays twitter photos differently than on a desktop, so didn’t see most of these until now.

Last week, I posted CNU according to twitter, here is NUFF2014 according to twitter.  It is fun to see the fest through the eyes of …not me!

10. Intermingling of Urbanists:  

We pride ourselves on creating a space for the intermingling of activists, politicos, professionals, and general public.

Here you see the deputy mayor of Los Angeles, Rick Cole quite impressed with the idea of F.L.O.W. (Feminist Library on Wheels) and you all see the host of Women Talk Bikes Maria Sipin signing up for a library card with FLOW

cole flow flow

9. Board Members getting on Board.

Chris Elisara is on the national board of the Congress for the New Urbanism.  It’s not surprise to have someone from CNU at the fest, but it is pretty cool that they come with us on a local bike ride showing off the proposed new bike route through midcitywest.

board member on board

8. Urbanism is an Artform

We were very excited to partner with LABART (in Los Angeles and in Dallas) It brought out a new client to urbanism: street artists.  Street artists are also working to make the streets a more livable, beautiful, dignified place. Annie Preece spoke after our screening of Street Art Short Films

street art Joel took this photo and posted it to the official twitter, but I didn’t see it until digging through today.

street art lab art

7. Mayors and Deputy Mayors, oh my! 

We were honored to have Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells speak after our bicycle short films series.  Meghan got her start in the world of politics by co-founding the Culver City Bicycle Coalition. Which was a spring board to a career in politics including becoming the Mayor of Culver City.

mayor of culver city

We also had a keynote address from Rick Cole, Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles for Budget and Innovation.  Cole has had a legendary career and influence on cities in Southern California working in Pasadena, Azusa, Venture, Los Angeles, and starting in 2015, Santa Monica. 

cole opening

6. The Parklet Welcomes You

Audiences were welcomed to the new urbanism film festival by a parklet and play space outside of the theater. Converting an infamous traffic jammed arterial in Los Angeles into a vibrant play space with mini-golf, ring toss, video projections, charging stations, sidewalk chalk and building pieces.

putt putt

conga pieces

5. Panel Re-Mix!

Did you see The Lone Gunmen from X-files as a panelist at the New Urbanism Film Fest.  Yes, yes you did. We love mixing it up with people we meet through our urban adventures.  We don’t want a bunch of bike people talking to a bunch of bike people.  So we make sure to get a good blend of common man, politico, engineer, visionary, etc. on each panel.  Some say panels are boring, but not if we get a little creative with them!

cole panel

pedal love

james gross

4. Everyone Has an Urbanism Story. 

Planners and engineers were delighted to hear descriptions of public transit that they don’t usually hear.  BUStedLA brought storytellers together to tell hilarious stories of getting around LA by bus. 

busted boenau

busted martin

3. NUFF gets around on twitter!

NYC Filmmaker Clarence Eckersen, makes a film about Downtown Dallas Parking Craters, shown on stage in Los Angeles tweeted out by San Diego innovation lab director,

walkable dfw

2. Awards Abound

In addition to the awards for the films screened at NUFF2014, the California CNU chapter gave the Paul Crawford Award to Rick Cole.  We were honored to be the venue for such a prestigious award and event.

great streets

will wright

1. Next Year, Already!

Folks are already looking forward to next year!  2014 was kinda bike heavy, will there be more architecture films in 2015? Will someone make a film about form based codes? Who will be speaking at the workshops? Who will win the film awards?

Here’s a photo of me, Josh, with our publicist Mona Telega at the closing awards reception.

looking forward

After all that looking back on 2014, I am excited to look forward to this year’s fest.  We hope to bring new and exciting ideas to the NUFF stage and keep that same sense of style and personality that people love… one last twitter photo so you see what we mean:

folding bike art

NUFF2015 is in fact already in prep.  Submissions are coming to a close at the end of the month.  If you’d like to submit a film, click here.


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