We’re using Thunderclap to promote the festival!  We need your help!  Please sign up for our campaign here.

Thunderclap does not cost money.  It sends a tweet on your behalf at the same time it sends a tweet to all the followers of all the people you sign up to support us on thunderclap!  We can create a hashtag trend.

Watch this video on how thunderclap works:

We want to raise general awareness of our project with this message.

“Support #NewUrbanism Film Fest! Submit a film. Buy a pass. Become a fest partner. #nuff2015

Also note, you can change our twitter message to personalize it to your followers.

We need to get 100 accounts to sign up to support us!  If we get 100, then the same message and link will be blasted out by everyone’s account all at once!

we all tweet it together

Adding your social voice to our campaign is a great way to support our effort to get more of the general public engaged in conversation about improving the future of our cities. Thanks!