On Wednesday we will host our 2nd night of films in Toronto (this year).


Part 1 of our series in Toronto was hosted last Thursday night at Innis College.  We screened the feature length film Accidental Parklands about the Toronto urban watershed systems.  We also included a few short films: Caroline Woolard Flips the Real Estate Script,  Arlington Passages: Nonie,  Thoughts on Parking,  Accidental Parkland
and Urban Planning Lingo: A-Z.

The audience packed out the hall and left the evening feeling inspired and empowered by the films and the speakers following the screening.

“My favorites were Accidental Parkland and Caroline Woolard. Both films left you with inspiring ideas for next steps.” said one attendee on Instagram.

Coming up on Wednesday June 7th, is Part 2 of our Toronto program.  The line up includes: Built to Last, Downtown: A New American Dream – Trailer, DTLA Street Futures, Velo Visionaries – Alicia Tapia, Finn, Julian Price, The IDEA District, Bike vs Cars: The False Dichotomy

After the films, we will have a panel discussion about how the lessons of the films can be applied locally to Toronto.  The panel will include:

Nancy Smith Lea – Executive Director for the Toronto Center for Active Transportation
Ryan O’Connor – Interim Executive Director 8-80 Cities
Yvonne Bambrick – Author, the Urban Cycling Survival Guide and founder of Cycle Toronto

Moderator: Olivia Labonte, CNU Ontario Vice-Chair





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