BIKE NIGHT at New Urbanism Film Festival

Riding a bicycle can make a big city feel like a small town.  You can get to a lot more places, while remaining outside and present in the community.

We have several events for folks who traverse their city by bike.

Bicycling Short Films – 4pm Saturday November 8th

Short films that examine everything from the Snake to the Slow Bike movement.  See how bikes improve health, the economy, and the environment.

Pedal Love Live Podcast – 6:30pm Saturday November 8th

Join us for a live taping of the Pedal Love Show, a podcast on Biketalk KPFK, with hosts Maria Sipin, Melissa Balmer, and Kellie Morris.
The Pedal Love podcast focuses on leadership, trendsetters, and opportunities for growing bike culture in California.
Bike Talk is a KPFK and podcast founded and hosted by Nick Richert with various guest hosts about the growing biking advocacy movement and culture in Los Angeles, the U.S. and the world. Shows air on every 2nd Saturday, 10am-noon, and podcast every week With over 20,000 downloads a month it is one of the longest running and most popular bike advocacy radio podcasts in the country.

Power to the Pedals – 8pm Saturday November 8th

Power To The Pedals,  portrays the transformative vision and extraordinary efforts of Wenzday Jane, a woman whose mechanical skills and innovative actions are reshaping her community. Shot in an intimate, lyrical style, the film follows Wenzday as she builds a green business of cargo tricycles that work in agriculture and food delivery, composting, recycling and waste-hauling.  Wenzday goes to the heart of the sustainability issue by offering practical solutions.

Raised in Boston’s tough public housing, Wenzday developed a passion for mechanics and welding — and discovered the bicycle as a means to self-determination.  “Bikes represent self-reliance and autonomy, she says.  “Working on bikes gives me a platform for really thinking about how things work.” With a municipal contract to pick up public area recycling, Wenzday heads a movement to replace trucks with human-powered vehicles for local freight operations.  Now she’s lowering the carbon footprint, one bike at a time.

Panelists include: Will Wright AIA-LA, Dawn FInley, co-founder of the Feminist Library On Wheels, Bob Nesson, director of Power to the Pedals, and Nat Gale, Program Director L.A. Great Streets, Office of the Mayor Eric Garcetti

DAWN FINLEY van straaten Slide17

Urban Design Short Films – 9:30pm Saturday November 8th

“Better Streets, Better Living” is our motto.  Building streets that can move all folks, whether you drive, ride, roll or stroll, the street should serve you.  These short films examine the way urban design effects us.  Freeways can cause air pollution, street design kills our children, bicycle infrastructure improves business. See how urban design effects your city.

The Friendly Ride – 10am Sunday November 9th

Enough sitting and talking, now it’s time to get out and ride!  Join the MidCityWest Community Council on a family friendly bike ride along their proposed route for Neighborhood Greenways.  Meet at Alfred Coffee at Melrose Place and ends at Milk Jar Cookies on Wilshire.  The group will make 6 stops along the route, to highlight changes in the proposal.