10 Ways NUFF is way cooler than your typical film fest!

At the New Urbanism Film Festival, we take the “Urbanism” in our name seriously.

Here’s ten ways that this festival will help you explore your city, which we think makes it cooler than any other film festival.

1.  We have a group bike ride.

Friendly RideThat’s right, you’re not stuck in a black box all day.  Get out and ride with the transportation committee of MidCityWest Community Council as they explain their vision for a neighborhood greenways network.  The council is currently pushing for the city adopt their proposal for bicycle friendly streets. Help them gain attention for their project by riding along and posting about #FriendlyRide

2.  Hands on demonstrations.

Whether it is the “Kit of Imagination”  or the Traffic Ball  or  Tactile SIM City.  You’re not just seeing movies, you’re trying them on and wearing them out.  The Urban Conga will be present throughout the festival, entertaining crowds in front of the theater with architecture activist installations.

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3.  Broad Range of Audiences

From fresh-faced students, to curious citizens, developers and city officials, all types are attracted to the festival, because the festival is about cities, which attract all types. It won’t be just a bunch of yuppies, artists, and cinephiles, and wonks.



4. Talk Show Style Q&A

We won’t march all the creators of the film down to talk about their project.  We have our guests, join us on the couch for an indepth conversation.  And we don’t let our guests go into a wonky debate. We have TV comics host the post-screening interviews. Audiences don’t learn about the movie, instead they learn about the projects in the movie and how their city is tackling those issues and what they can do to help.

van straaten APRIL

5. Walking Around Time

Slide12 Get an up close and personal tour of the downtown revitalization with X-files star Dean Haglund. From innovative public park design to alluring adaptive re-use, Dean is excited about it all.  And you will be tour after his two hour walking tour.

6. Next Project?  Union Station

Slide30 Guests and Speakers at the New Urbanism Film Festival are shaping the cities they live in.  Our speakers won’t be talking about getting funding to turn their short film into a feature length production.   Speakers at New Urbanism Film Festival are working on their next project: the 2050 master plan of Los Angeles Union Station.

7. A festival for introverts.

POPUP bookstoreIt’s not just about movies, it’s about chatting up planners and politicos.  But if you are not the social networking type, we understand.  (The film festival started as a book group.)  There will be a pop-up bookstore in the lobby of the theater. And you can buy books from Angel City Press and Balcony Press.  Both are great local publishers of books on architecture, design and Los Angeles. Check the schedule for when their pop up bookstores will be open at the festival!

8. Dinner is included.

Slide10World-famous architect and author William Fain will be a special guest at a dinner on Sunday night.  This is your chance to take what you learned from the films and workshops and get an expert opinion to help you hone your urbanism skills.

9. Inspirational

Whether you just learned that LA has a subway, or you are a card-carrying urbanist, this festival will leave you inspired to take on the challenges facing the modern city.  You may leave this festival with plans to run for neighborhood council, plant an apartment garden, uproot your lawn, go to grad school for planning, or just take a tour with the LA Conservancy.

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10.  Variety of Voices

You won’t just hear the great things about LA from the city officials and the master architects.  You will also hear true tales from people in Los Angeles who actually ride the bus.  In a special story telling show called BUSted!  Our bevvy of panelists run the gamut from young advocates like the girls on Women Talk Bike, or the director of Trainsforming America, to the wisdom of former mayors and long time residents.

All these events are in ADDITION to the fantastic line up of films that you can see at the festival.  We hope to see you there!

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