Submissions closed.

We have officially closed submissions on the 2015 edition of the New Urbanism Film Festival.  This year we received a total of 241 films. We'll spend the next month reviewing the films and announcing the participating films in this year's fest.  We'd like to thank all of the filmmakers. The films we've reviewed so far … Continue reading Submissions closed.

Update: “The Friendly Ride” rides on!

Those of you who attended or followed the film festival last year will remember that we invited you on a bike ride tour of the neighborhood called "The Friendly Ride."  The route for the group ride followed a path of a proposed new Bicycle Friendly Streets project being pushed by the Mid City West Community … Continue reading Update: “The Friendly Ride” rides on!

Mobility Plan 2035

Los Angeles is a constantly changing city, as all cities are, so we need a change in our mobility plan.  The 2035 Mobility Plan is a lot different than the current plan.  It embraces a future of reduced single occupant vehicle travel (& obsession) and increased bicycling, walking, sharing, and public transit options for getting around the … Continue reading Mobility Plan 2035