Here’s a list of Ten Quick Inexpensive Vegetarian Breakfasts you can get in Mid City West.

It’s a very specific niche list, I know. While a lot of lists will have you criss crossing the city or even the country, here’s one that’s actually helpful. It’s about one neighborhood.  Maybe you live here, or maybe you are getting here early for work, either way, now you know where to grab a quick bite in the morning.

This isn’t a list of brunch spots. It’s not fancy one of a kind experience. It’s a simple, quick breakfast, to get you going.


  • Quick: you can be in and out in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Inexpensive: we’ll set the bar at $10.
  • Vegetarian: it cannot contain meat.

10.  Muse on 8th – Granola & Yogurt with Fruit + Nut  This simple combo is done so well here. And I think even the yogurt just tastes better here than most places.

9. CoFax – Veggie Breakfast Burrito. This is the first one that breaks the rules: it’s a bit of a wait. But… BUT… it’s worth it. It can be a little spicey. And they have an option to add avocado, if you want something a little more wrapped in your burrito. 

8. TWiST – Biscuit Bar.  Jalapeno biscuit with egg and salsa and a side of kale slaw. I usually ask for a side of jam (because they have amazing jam here) and spread it on the top half of the biscuit and eat it as a dessert.  The kale slaw here is amazing.  Get it whenever you can!

7. Susina – Quiche.  Several different vegetarian quiches are ready and a slice can be heated up in a matter of minutes. Always a simple delicious idea. I prefer it here because the individual quiches, while quaint, can be a bit bready.

6. El Diner – Another great breakfast burrito. This IS Los Angeles. So it’s okay to have two delicious breakfast burritos in one week top ten list. El Diner has tons of great, delicious, modern mexican food stuffs for any time of day. Including Breakfast.

5. Clover – Ginger Snap  If you are a juicer, then you already know of this great place.  But for the rest of us, we’ve eaten a lot of eggs so fart.  So it’s time for some vegetables on the go, and the best way to go is to juice. I prefer the Gingersnap.  It has bite like you wouldn’t believe. They’ll let you do a taste test before you commit to a whole bottle though. So don’t feel shy. Try them all!


4. Fonuts – Coffee + Donut 
The origianl quick inexpensive breakfast is coffee and donuts.  And at fonuts, they’re delicious as you dream of. And a donut is vegetarian.  Who know so many stereotypical 80s cops were vegetarians while eating donuts all those years?

3. QUALITY – Quick + Simple Breakfast Combo Again, we’re breaking the rules a bit here, because they have wait service with menus. But. the menu calls it the quick and easy breakfast.  You get a coffee, poached egg, scone and fresh squeezed orange juice. It’s a pretty amazing combo. And it is cheap.  The OJ alone is worth it, it is indeed fresh queeze you can taste.  The scone is worth the pop-in as well.

2. FOUR Cafe – Donut Muffins FOUR Cafe has Amazing Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.  But that’s not what this list is about. They also have a pastry display case with lots of amazingness for your on the go needs.  We choose the donut muffins.  It’s like a two-fer.

1. The Bagel Broker – Bagel + Cream Cheese Most folks agree that these are the best bagels in Los Angeles. A bagel is one of those things that’s hard to get wrong and harder to perfect.  But Bagel Broker has perfected it.  They also have a good veggie sandiwch on a bagel, for later in the day. If you’re one of those wishy-washy vegetarians, you could go for the lox.