This year, I have the pleasure of the help of a board of directors to organize the festival.  Each of them have participated in the festival in years past and are very excited to see it into the future.

We are gearing up for the third year, so I asked them three questions about the shape of the fest.  They had some pretty good answers, so I thought I share them with you.  Here’s the discussion.

1. What was one film or event at NUFF2014 that stuck out to you?

Neal: Just the fact that it is happening. In this city. In the theatre, and the restaurant and spilling out into the street. It is very exciting.

Peter:  And everyone loved the films.  The audiences were totally into the topics.

Jasmin: I enjoyed hearing the lead architect for union station talk about the new design. It was so immediately relevant and exciting. Plus, I enjoyed hearing about their challenges and considerations while figuring out the design.

Joel:  I enjoyed that the festival was out and about in the city.  The downtown walking tours, the pastrywalk, the screening at LABART, the bike ride.  There was a lot more than just films. 

2. What’s a hot topic in “urbanism” right now, that you hope to see in the films and events at NUFF2015?

Peter:  I’d say Tactical Urbanism. It’s really exciting in the planning world but it is also a really easy way for people to get involved in urbanism and thinking about the city.

Neal:  Tactical Urbanism as well as Big Data derived urban design tactics and web-based mobility servies like bike share, uber, zipcar, spinlister, etc.

Joel:  It’s not just about the new plan that designers can use, but it is about community.  I want to see more stuff about how urban design is something we all do and it effects us all.

Jasmin: Kinda what Joel said, what are things people can do? But Sustainability is the big issue for me. Looking at things like the drought or the ag industry. I’d like to see more about urban farming, city chicken coops, locavore movement, droughthacks. 

3. At NUFF, we feature lots of topics and themes during the course of screenings, workshops, and events.  What is one general lesson, you’d hope audiences can take with them when they leave?

Peter:  Cars should be a choice, not a necessity for life.

Jasmin: That New Urbanism is synergistic to being a thriving human being in a thriving society. Small conscious individual changes/ideas can blossom and drastically change the world we see and interact with around us.

Neal:  New Urbanism in general and the NUFF in particular are advocates for the public realm. This is not about making great or iconic buildings, but about making great spaces and places for people.

Joel: That was all good.  I don’t know.  I guess I want them to leave thinking “That was pretty good. I’ll come back next year.”