This year we are exploring the West 3rd Street district.   Or as I like to call it, brunch boulevard. Because it is THE hot spot for brunching as you will soon see!  We’ll visit new and legendary bakeries along the strip, we’ll also point out how this strip is a ripe for a road diet, and a brand new traffic light.

west 3rd street

We’re starting at Matcha Box, a new store on the strip.  They serve pure Matcha.  You can get a Matcha Latte, with variations like a ginger shot or jalapeno!  You can also get cold chocolate chip cookie or dark chocolate coins beaded with rock sugar and a dash of sea salt .  (They’re delicious.)  You could also get a tea pot, mug or tea set!  But what do I recommend?  Epic Toast with Cashew Butter and Hero Latte.  


We’ll also talk about interesting streetscape projects in front of the store that really came about after a driver ran over the trees that were there originally.

Next we’ll head to fonuts.  On the way I will comment about the desperate need for a road diet, clearly exhibited by the harrowing traffic on such a quaint street.


At fonuts, the donuts are never fried. Baked or steamed.  (They’re delicious) They have fantastic pumpkin, latte, straberry buttermilk, chocolate peanut butter,  “…Get the Ladder!”   They also have delicious Illy brand coffee. In case you weren’t satisfied by the Matcha ;).  What do I recommend?  Strawberry Buttermilk fonut. 


We’ll head out to Doughboy’s for a quick stop for cake.  Doughboy’s is legendary for reviving the chicness of Red Velvet Cake.  You can get a mini cake to go!  You can also get a black and white cookie. Or you can get a croissant or a baguette.  What do I recommend? Chocolate caramel square. 

mama's secret

Next we’re out to Mama’s Secret.  Delicious place all over.  Try the turkish coffee with a turkish delight.  Or get a croissant, or crumble muffin.  What do I recommend? Baklava! duh! Joansonthird2

Next we’re heading to Joan’s on Third.  They have a peanutbutter cup cupcake. They have a big M&M cookie and peach cobbler muffin.  They also have a fantastic lunch menu.  So if you are over filo dough, you can treat yourself to a salad or veggie omelette.  What do I recommend?  Buy a bag of homemade candy to bring to a friend.

The pastry walk is officially over at Joan’s on Third, but you can stay for breakfast or lunch.  You can take the 16 bus east on 3rd street to get back to your vehicle.

Or you can walk back, because afterall you just ate a lot of pastry.

If you are willing to do over time, I recommend these places nearby:  Quality (I’ll probably go there for lunch afterward), Toast, Verge, or FOURcafe.



Bring Cash & Card. Match only takes cards. No cash. Most other places it’ll be easier to pay in cash.

Bring: A FRIEND!!!!  You’ll want to be with someone you can share your pastries with!!

Bring sunblock and sunglasses.  The areas without shade trees will be brutal direct sunlight.

Bring good walking shoes.

Bring a shopping bag in case you want to get multiple things from different places and bring them home to share with other friends.

Bring Cash to take the 16 bus back in case you get a carb-coma and can’t walk back!

Bring a cellphone and use #pastrywalk and #nuff2015 to follow along.  Take pics and tweet a thanks to each location!

But most importantly… just have fun out there, okay?

Here’s the classic Donut Lady comedy bit from Brian Regan.

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