MCW Parking Day 2015The Festival believes in local place-based neighborhood development and community building, thus we are very excited to see that our hood, Mid City West, will be hosting FOUR park(ing) day locations next Friday.

We toured the locations today and are even more excited to see a wide range of activities and an even wider range of menu items.  Here’s our break down of how to get the most out of park(ing) day.

The Four Locations are on Melrose, La Brea, Wilshire and Fairfax.

115 S La Brea

district la brea logoWe recommend starting at the La Brea location.  Get an early breakfast at Sycamore Kitchen.  They have fantastic granola, btw, but also a good hearty oatmeal. Which you will need to pack in the fun of Park(ing) Day.  Get coffee or tea to go and head out to the Park located a few doors down in front of Steve Alan. 115 S La Brea.  This spot is a cool, chill spot, a good place to get your morning news on and socialize with the shopping crowd.

Once you’re caught up on the news and well-caffeinated, head south on La Brea. Which is full of cool shops and galleries.  We always find something interesting whenever we stop into A+R, LABART, and ACE Gallery.  (You’ll also pass by a Trader Joe’s which you may want to stop in to get a bottle of water. It’s gonna be a hot one, and you’re walking all the way to Wilshire & Detroit.)

Stay heading South on La Brea until you get to Wilshire then head West.  OR if you want, walk One block west on 3rd St to Detroit St. A walk through the neighborhood offers some charm with its historic duplexs and apartment buildings from the 1920s-1940s.  Plus, the side streets offer more shade!

5363 Wilshire Blvd

miracle mile toys and gamesThe next Park(ing) Day location is on Wilshire in front of Miracle Mile Toys and Games.  This is a charming little shop, full of memories and fun. Perfect place to pick up something for that little child in your life, even if it is just your inner child!  The park will have fun arts and crafts, bike decorating, and backyard games like ring toss and putt putt golf.

Get your fill then head to the next parking day location which is up on Melrose Ave.

7753 Melrose Ave

melrose ave logoIf you are on bike, take the “Bicycle Friendly Streets” route up to Melrose. If you’re on foot, I reccomend catching the Fairfax DASH which stops really close to the Wilshire park. The DASH heads west on Wilshire, then North on Fairfax.
Get off the DASH at Melrose Ave, walk 2 blocks East to the park which is in front of SportieLA/Tomato Pie/Falabar building.
The park will have more art themed crafts and workshops.  This is a great place for lunch because it has pizza and vegan falafel.  The pizza joint also has lots of great salads, Greek and Mediterranean look especially good. The park will also have a wifi hot spot and a time lapse camera so be sure to smile!

457 N FairFax Ave

open spaceThen head to the fourth and final park, on Fairfax, just south of Rosewood.  Head East for two blocks back to Fairfax, then south for two blocks to OpenSpaceLA.  The park features live performances for music and comedy.  As well as a great spot to get that late afternoon cup of joe or sweet treat. This park hosts the Park(ing) Day after Party. The other parks close at 4pm but this one stays open til 8pm. Also, for dinner, try the pear & brie sandwich. Yum yum yum!

It’s going to be a good parking day, whether you go to all four location or just to one.  We hope to see you out there.  If we miss you, just tweet us using the hashtag