Peddler’s Creamery & Bloom & Beautiful Gate LA Join Opening Night Festivities of 3rd Annual New Urbanism Film Festival

The opening night of the New Urbanism Film Festival just got more exciting with Peddler’s Creamery, Bloom and Beautiful Gate LA, all joining the line up of festival activities!

Peddler’s Creamery

Peddlers creameryPeddler’s Creamery produces high quality artisan bicycle-churned organic dairy and non-dairy ice cream and frozen desserts for Los Angeles.  Peddler’s was started to be a different business that features local products, highlights where our food is grown, and promotes local causes. We strive for our customers to leave happy, satisfied, and  with a smile on their face and a smaller footprint on the earth. We believe that as a Benefit Corporation we can seek the true triple bottom line that profits the planet and people equally. 5% of profits will go to social and environmental causes.  We just opened our first shop!! Follow us on facebook, twitter, or join our mailing list to find out about new flavors, new events or when we will be pedaling down a bike lane near you.

BLOOM The Game

Slide12BLOOM is an urban toy, a distributed social game and collective “gardening” experience that seeks the engagement of people in order to construct fuzzy BLOOM formations. A massive population of cells is introduced through the main “portal” of the game constructed by designers. The collective act of coming to one place and building something becomes a shared memory for each person attending. None of the pieces can do anything on its own, only by putting together thousands of them is when the game and the BLOOM garden emerge. The energy for BLOOM construction is sourced from people’s interactions. It becomes impossible to forecast what you can do with such game! BLOOM cells are all equal, but by recombining their 3 connections, infinity of different formations can emerge. You can try to intuitively assemble a chair or a bench, or construct a canopy. Due to the flexibility and resilience of the building cells, the ‘rules’ of the game can be bent; you can twist them to find different shapes and discover new configurations! Like in the clouds, you can read the shapes in BLOOM formations… is it a swan, a rabbit, a space ship??

Beautiful Gate LA

beautiful gate LARe charge your self and your phone at the Beautiful Gate LA “juice bar.”  Phone chargers and coffee will be on hand. We don’t want to leave high and dry after you’ve been live-tweeting the festival. #nuff2015

These great interactive events join the traditional arrangements of

Pre-party at Amalfi


photocopy10a-920x300Happy hour at Amalfi starts at 5:30 come for drink specials and old fashioned personal pizzas. All online ticket sales offer a special dinner discount at Amalfi, come early or stay late to enjoy a dinner of some of the finest rustic Italian cooking in Los Angeles.

Photos on the Red Carpet

IMG_0010image (20)IMG_9548Be sure to get your picture taken on the red carpet.  The New Urbanism Film Festival is one of the most fun dynamic and engaging events in the urban planning world. So let people know you are a fun dynamic engaging person in the urban planning world!

Sidewalk Parklet

Slide11Challenge your friends to putt putt golf, a sidewalk chalk art competition, or horse shoes in the sidewalk festival parklet.  Or simply relax on a bench and watch the traffic go by.

Opening Night Movies:

7pm Short Films: New Urbanism 101

Short films explaining the basic concept, philosophy and principles of The New Urbanism. Followed by Q&A with Neal Payton and Festival Director Josh Paget

Short Films: Boston Complete Streets, The Millenial Shift Towards Walkable Neighborhoods, Diagnose Your Habitat, Florida Seven 50, Adventures in BuffaloLand, Atelier de Rua,


8pm Feature: East LA Interchange

East L.A. Interchange tells the story of working-class, immigrant Boyle Heights, the oldest neighborhood in East Los Angeles. Targeted by government policies, real estate laws, and California planners, this quintessential immigrant neighborhood survived racially restrictive housing covenants, Japanese-American Internment, Federal redlining policies, lack of political representation, and the building of the largest and busiest freeway interchange system in the nation, the East L.A. Interchange. The documentary explores how the freeways – a symbol of Los Angeles ingrained in America’s popular imagination – impact Boyle Heights’ residents: literally, as an environmental hazard and structural blockade and figuratively, as a conversational interchange about why the future of their beloved community should matter to us all.

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