This year the New Urbanism Film Festival introduces a fun new aspect of the festival: a filmmaking competition!  We figured we have these filmmakers, we have these leading urban thinkers shaping Los Angeles. Let’s connect them to each other so we can capture this dynamic moment of growth for Los Angeles.

What is the Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge?

It’s a chance for Urbanists and Filmmakers to get together to make a mini-documentary about the small, but dynamic change happening in the city of Los Angeles.  The Urbanists make a little presentation about their project.  It’s like a TED talk event.  In the audiences are the filmmakers.  After all the presentations, the filmmakers choose their projects and work out a production schedule. They make the movie during the week. The top ten films are screened on the last night of the festival.

What was the motivation for the urbanism filmmaking challenge?

There are so many projects happening in Los Angeles right now.  It is so inspiring!  But I think people don’t know what’s going on.  Some projects get press or

Who Can Be Considered “Urbanists”?

Anyone shaping Los Angeles.  Planting street trees, building mini parks, native drought tolerant landscaping, building bike lanes, explaining new bus routes, showing off new bus features, treating homelessness, planning a road diet for a neighborhood,

It could even be someone explaining key concepts shaping Los Angeles.  What is Transit Oriented Development? What is a Transect?  What are the four types of Bike Lanes? What is a road diet?

Is there a Prize?

Yes! The First place winner gets $300 cash prize.  Plus the TOP THREE filmmakers get gear from Betabrand.  (The top filmmaker gets a storrists bag, 2nd and 3rd place get a cornacopia bag)

Any love for the urbanists?

If you present on a project you will get a mini-movie produced about your project!  It is an incredible asset in your advocacy. It also helps establish your voice to help get the project completed or to replicate your project in other neighborhoods.  Plus, you get to be the star!

Who judges the films?

We are honored to have Craig Detweiler and Caroline Cicero to judge the films for this event.

Craig Detweiler

Craig_DetweilerCraig Detweiler, Ph.D., is Professor of Communication and director of the Center for Entertainment, Media and Culture at Pepperdine University.  He’s written comedies for the Disney Channel and directed documentaries featured on ABC.  Foreword honored iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Livesas the 2013 Silver winner for best books about Popular Culture.  His additional books include Into the Dark a study of the top ranked films on the Internet Movie Database and Halos and Avatars about the influence of gaming on the emerging generation. A longtime Angeleno, Craig has lived in Pasadena, Duarte, Chinatown, Culver City, and Malibu.

Caroline Cicero

Caroline headshotGrowing up in Chicago, architecture, neighborhoods, and demographic change intrigued Caroline Cicero from a young age.  In her 25 years as a gerontologist, urban planner, and social worker in Los Angeles, Caroline has worked to make communities and housing better for people across their lifespan.  Caroline teaches classes on aging, social policy, and design and environment at the University of Southern California, Davis School of Gerontology.  One of her favorite research interests is how older people and their housing issues are represented on film.

When is this “TED Talk Like” Event?

The urbanists make their presentations on October 4th. Register as a presenter by Sept 30th.

Can I just come to watch the Urbanists’ presentations?

Yes, of course!  And tickets are selling fast. So, buy yours today.  It really helps support the fest, the projects, and the filmmakers!

Register as a Filmmaker

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