Film Festivals are a great way to enjoy films, but the real attraction is the chance to interact, socialize, and learn with the filmmakers.

If you’ve attended film festivals before, you’ve probably seen a Q&A where an interviewer asks all the filmmakers to march down to the pit of the theater, stand in front of everyone uncomfortably, dwarfed by a giant now-blank screen, and answer the same questions they’ve been asked since the beginning of the project. What did you shoot on? How long did it take? What was your budget? Etc.

typical Q&A
Typical Q&A

With the New Urbanism Film Festival, we wanted to take a different approach. The New Urbanism Film Festival shares the passion for a community of artists.  Except we don’t stand to interview the filmmakers; we sit down for an interview with local urban thinkers, designers, officials, and innovators.  We invite them to take a seat on our couch and discuss the issues presented in the short films.  This gives the audience a chance to learn about how these issues are being played out locally in their own neighborhoods.  

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This method has been dubbed “talk show style.” Because it allows our guests time and space to unpackage the ideas that everyone saw in film(s) and show how those ideas can be translated to our local communities.

The New Urbanism Film Festival is about sharing stories and ideas.  We want to encourage interaction. In fact, we tell audiences to turn ON their phones and to tweet inspiring ideas they see in the films.  Our focus is on the ideas and how we can take them with us and begin improving our own cities, towns, and neighborhoods.