We were happy to work with organizers of the Bi-City Biennale in Shenzhen Hong Kong to develop a NUFF screening curated to current trends in Urbanism in Shenzhen.  The organizers wanted films that focused on building equity and economic development in neighborhoods.

We will be presenting

  • Built to Last, (our New Urbanism primer video)
  • Zurich, When People are Welcome and Cars are Not. (Honorable Mention from NUFF2014 for Urban Design Film)
  • The Bus Stop, London’s Agent of Change (Winner of NUFF2014 Best Urban Design Film)
  • Edge of Memphis, (Winner of NUFF2015 Best Economic Development Film)
  • Borrowed Light, (Winner of NUFF2013 Best Tactical Urbanism Film)
  • Do Season, (Honorable Mention from NUFF2015 for Economic Development Film)
  • Power to the Pedals. (Winner of NUFF2014 Best Bicycle Film)

The New Urbanism Film Festival will be presenting the same set of films twice during the conference.  January 16th and January 23rd.

For more information on how to host a screening in your town, click here.