We are already a dozen days into the New Year, and whether you made resolutions or not, you’ve probably already broken them. It’s not your fault though, it’s the resolutions’ fault!  Yes, you’ve made bad resolutions for 2016. So why not ditch them now, and take up the New Urbanists’ New Year’s Resolutions?!

New Urbanism is all about comprehensive urban planning dignifying to the human experience, so it was no surprise to me to see Strong Towns post about New Year’s resolutions. If we are dedicated to seeing the town as a whole, we see the person as a whole as well.

One phenomenal aspect of Strong Town’s Chuck Marohn’s reflections on Resolutions was the idea to set specific goals, rather than vague on-going ones.  For example, instead of “exercise more” he suggested something quantifiable like “go on 10 hikes this year”

Okay, that’s enough recapping his blog. You can read his own blog entry here.


In that same spirit, we’d like to offer inspiration to take on some do-it-yourself, small-scale, tactical urbanism projects as a new year’s resolution.  These projects won’t take a master plan, sometimes not even more than a day, and they will benefit you and the whole community.  (Already, these resolutions are more exciting that “lose weight.”)

Now the exciting part: watch these videos to spark your imagination for project you can resolve to do yourself!

  1. Reactivate a dead downtown center by building a ping-pong table in a park.


2. Make your street more bicycle friendly by installing your own bike rack.

3. Build community around the bus stop by planting a garden

4. Investigate a quirk of city planning in your neighborhood.  Like pedestrian guard rails or public art.

Create equity and beauty in your neighborhood by

5. Commissioning a street artist to muralize your business.

6. Investing in young creative entrepreneurs

7. Bike More to  discover a new point of view

8. or a new business model

9. or a new dynamic in your relationships!

10. Lastly, why not make it a resolution to Submit a video to the New Urbanism Film Festival help others learn from the struggles and successess you’ve experience while making better places!

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Also, as Chuck recommends, resolutions are always more fun with a buddy, so share these ideas with a friend, then get to work and have a happy 2016!

P.S. Don’t forget to film your experience and submit it to the new urbanism film festival – show off what you can do!