Neal Payton Wins the Paul Crawford Award

We are happy to announce that Neal Payton was named the 2016 winner of the Paul Crawford Award, the annual award given out by the California Chapter of the Congress of the New Urbanism (CNU). In a letter from Howard Blackson,, Chair of the California CNU, Payton was praised for his work locally and internationally.  Payton has played a critical role in LA’s adoption of form-based codes. Payton has also done work on the Santa Monica Downtown Plan, as well as the Wyvernwood mixed-use apartments in Boyle Heights.

Friends of NUFF know Payton as a regular and entertaining speaker at our events and screenings.  He has also served on the board of directors for NUFF for the past two years, and this year is on the judges panel. We are incredibly grateful for his support and leadership in developing this festival and couldn’t be more pleased to be the venue of the award ceremony.

Payton will speak at the 2016 New Urbanism Film Festival when he receives the Paul Crawford Award from Howard Blackson and other members of the board of directors from CNU California.  Join us Saturday October 8th at 8pm to congratulate Neal Payton for his work building places people love.

Josh Paget

Neal Payton
Neal Payton, discussing everyday urbanism at NUFF2014

Neal Payton

Neal Payton, discussing New Urbanism 101 at NUFF2015


See below for the official announcement from the California CNU chair Howard Blackson:


On behalf of the Congress for the New Urbanism California Chapter, we wish to congratulate Mr. Neal Payton on being awarded our 2016 CNU – California Paul Crawford Award. We truly admire his dedication and results in making better places for the citizens of California. This award is intended to honor his work in Los Angeles and beyond and we look forward to what he will accomplish leading the New Urbanism into the 21st century. Neal Payton is a pioneer in the efforts to reconnect once isolated and stigmatized public housing projects into communities of choice. He established and directed Torti Gallas and Partners Los Angeles office in 2005, and leads the firm’s urban and architectural design efforts in the western United States and China. His outstanding results on Santa Monica’s Downtown Specific Plan, and the New Wyvernwood, Boyle Heights Mixed-Use Community, a 2012 CNU-Charter award winner, are applauded. Before arriving in California, Mr. Payton led Urban Design efforts in the Washington, DC area and his projects have been honored nationally with multiple American Institute of Architects Honor Awards and Charter Awards from the Congress for the New Urbanism. His leadership in Los Angeles has resulted in the enabling of Form-Based Codes, the building of needed infill housing projects, transit-oriented developments, revitalization of beautiful downtowns, and innovation in urban design techniques that build a more sustainable future. Plus, we appreciate his leadership on the New Urbanism Film Festival’s Board of Directors. Mr. Payton was unanimously selected by the CNU – California board of directors due to his dedication, leadership and commitment to the principals outlined in the Charter for the New Urbanism and the promise that is California. His selection follows our inaugural CNU California Paul Crawford Award winners, Stefanos Polyzoides and Elizabeth Moule (2013), Rick Cole (2014), and Jeffrey Tumlin (2015). Our CNU – California Chapter will present Mr. Payton his award on October 8th, 8:00 pm, during the New Urban Film Fest being held at the AMCE Theater in Hollywood, California, 135

Previous winner Rick Cole: