Art of Recovery to Headline Opening Night of 4th Annual New Urbanism Film Festival.

In 2011, an earthquake nearly destroyed Christchurch, New Zealand , flattening two thousand buildings in the city’s center alone. But, while city officials endlessly deliberated master plans, groups of artists, activists and entrepreneurs revitalized the city using art installations, pop up shops, cafes, and small businesses. The story of their efforts is inspiring for any city: citizen activists rolling up their sleeves to rebuild the city they call home.  Art of Recovery, the film that tells their story, headlines the New Urbanism Film Festival’s opening night on Thursday October 6th, at the ACME Theatre 135 N La Brea Ave, playing at 8pm.  

Art_of_Recovery_A1poster-01Josh Paget, one of the founders of the festival, calls it “One of the best movies I’ve seen on urban planning.” And Paget has seen over 1,000 movies about urban planning in the four years he has served as director of the festival. “Art of Recovery is about people, calling a place home, and putting a stake in the ground. It’s inspiring no matter what size city you live in, because it is about choosing to make it a better place with whatever talents and gifts you have to share.”  The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion about tactical urbanism in Los Angeles.

The annual festival takes place here in Los Angeles every year, but in the past four years, the festival has been invited to host special screenings in an array of cities including Austin, Buffalo, Dallas, Detroit, Milan, Oxnard, ShenZhen, Stockholm, and Venice.  

 The festival returns to Los Angeles for its fourth edition which will take place over four days, Oct 6th – Oct 9th.  Other films at the fest tackle topics of urban watersheds (followed by a panel discussion on the LA River), historic preservation (followed by a talkback with leaders in the LA Conservancy), active transportation, and a new generation’s new American dream: living downtown! In addition to film screenings, the festival hosts tours, workshops, and other events to help audiences engage in the built environment.  A new event this year is the comedy game show, “What’s the Worst Building in Los Angeles?” This pits 8 comedians against each other to rant about the most despicable edifices in LA. (And the choices are many….)

 This year the festival will add a second venue to their event. On Sunday Oct 9th, the festival will move to the Helms Design Center in Culver City.  The Helms Design Center will act as a hub for urbanist tours: a group bike ride on the Ballona Creek River, a “Tour of Transit Oriented Development” along the newly opened Expo Line Extension, a storytelling show about adventures on public transportation, and a pop up parklet outside the venue.

 See the links below for the complete lineup of films and events.

About the New Urbanism Film Festival

 The New Urbanism Film Festival was founded in Los Angeles by Josh Paget and Joel Karahadian. Every year the festival showcases short and feature length documentaries about urban planning, as well as hosting events and tours that get the audiences out exploring the urban environment.  The fourth annual festival takes place October 6th-9th

Screenings: ACME Theatre 135 N La Brea Ave Los Angeles CA 90036

Events: Helms Design Center 8745 Washington Blvd Culver City CA 90232


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