Complete Line up of Films for NUFF2016

Here’s a complete line up of the films (features AND shorts) appearing in the 2016 New Urbanism Film Festival.  We had over 80 submissions this year and the selection process was incredibly difficult.  Given that when we launched the festival we were asked “are there enough new urbanism films to merit a festival?”, we are incredibly grateful to have so many filmmakers and producers participate in our festival to have sustained it for four years now.

  1. A Look Inside Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  2. Accidental Parkland Saturday noon Oct 8th
  3. Art of Recovery Thursday 8pm Oct 6th
  4. At the Corner of Change: 82nd and Division Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  5. CarLess in LA Friday 9:30pm Oct 7th
  6. Caroline Woolard Flips the Real Estate Script Saturday 2pm Oct 8th
  7. Cycling Without Age: Finn Friday 7:30pm Oct 7th
  8. Denver ALMOST Has One of the World’s Great Public Squares
  9. Downtown: A New American Dream Saturday 6pm Oct 8th
  10. DTLA Street Futures Friday 7:30pm Oct 7th
  11. Exile on A Street Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  12. Finding America: The Fresh Prince of Anacostia
  13. Generica Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  14. Great Streets for Los Angeles Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  15. High Frequency: Why Houston is Back on the Bus
  16. In Tune With Transit Friday 7:30pm Oct 7th
  17. Jim’s Solution Saturday 2pm Oct 8th
  18. Julian Price Saturday 2pm Oct 8th
  19. Last Dance on the Main Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  20. Nomadic Community Gardens Saturday 2pm Oct 8th
  21. Park(ing) Day 2015 Friday 7:30pm Oct 7th
  22. Peatónito is in NYC: Protecting Pedestrians from Cars in the Crosswalk
  23. Priceless Friday 7:30pm Oct 7th
  24. reSITE Small Talks with… Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  25. Santa Monica’s Savvy Multimodalism (Shows Moxie)
  26. Thoughts on Parking Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  27. Through the Place Saturday 4pm Oct 8th
  28. Urban Cloth Project Saturday 2pm Oct 8th
  29. Urban Planning Lingo: A-Z Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  30. Velo Visionaries – Alicia Tapia Friday 7:30pm Oct 7th
  31. Velo Visionaries – Morgan Fitzgibbons Saturday 2pm Oct 8th
  32. Vision for Downtown Oxnard Saturday 8pm Oct 8th
  33. War on Congestion Friday 7:30pm Oct 7th
  34. Why are brownfields brown?  Saturday 8pm Oct 8th

We hope you can join us for the festival to watch and discuss the films and how we might learn from these leaders and cities as to how we can build better places here in Los Angeles.

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Watch the trailer for the opening night feature film Art of Recovery


See the film at the 4th Annual New Urbanism Film Festival at 8pm  Thursday October 6th