We are incredibly excited to be hosting events at the Helms Design Center this year.  The Helms Bakery District is a vibrant pedestrian-oriented destination with several designer showrooms, restaurants, and a bookstore.  And it is right near the Culver City expo line station. What more could an urbanist ask for?

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.52.57 AMThe Helms Design Center will be the hub of festival activity on Sunday October 9th, with several excursions departing and returning to the location.  Three events will take participants on urbanism adventures.  One will be a group bike ride along the Ballona Creek Bike Path. Riders will experience the river’s renaissance first hand.  The ride ends with a tour of the Playa Vista neighborhood given by architect and urban designer Stefanos Polyzoides, one of the designers of the project and one of the founders of the New Urbanism.  A second excursion takes participants on a train trip from the Culver City station to Downtown Santa Monica.  The group will get an up close look at design principles of Downtown Santa Monica from the city manager himself, Rick Cole. A third group tour will go on a relatively short bike ride around Culver City, touring current and future bicycle related projects. Other events include workshops inside Helms, games, and BUSted the storytelling show featuring true tales told by people who don’t drive in LA.

NUFF events at Helms Design Center:

NUFF Talks:

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-10-53-16-pmTop urban thinkers and local civic leaders give seven minute presentations on L.A.’s dynamic urban landscape. Thursday Sept 29th at 7pm. These talks will be the basis of the urbanism filmmaking challenge films produced within one week and premiered at the closing night of the festival October 9th at 7pm at Helms Design Center. This is primarily a networking event for urbanists and filmmaker to meet and pair up to complete a documentary.  However, guests are welcome to attend simple to hear the presentations.  Get Tickets Here:

TOD Tour:

Savvy Multimodalism

Join a group walking tour of transit oriented development (current and future) near the Culver City Expo Line Station.  Then get on the Expo Line and ride it to Downtown Santa Monica where the walking tour continues, hosted by Santa Monica City Manager Rick Cole, observing urbanism principles used around the Downtown Santa Monica Expo Line Station. The group will gather at Helms Design center at 3:30, leave promptly at 4pm, and return by 7pm if not earlier.

Ballona Creek & Playa Vista Tour:

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-10-53-29-pmJoin a group bike ride along the Ballona Creak Bike Path.  The group ride will continue to Playa Vista, one of the earlier examples of New Urbanism development in Los Angeles.  Once in the neighborhood the group will receive a guided walking tour from Stefanos Polyzoides, one of the founders of New Urbanism and the designers of the Playa Vista neighborhood. The group will meet at 3:00 and leave at 3:30. The ride takes about 35-45 minutes each way.  The group will return to Helms by 7:00pm or earlier.

Culver City Bike Tour

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-8-19-47-pmJoin a group bike around Culver City. The Bike ride will be led by Eric Bruins, the new Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of Culver City.  The tour will highlight new and forthcoming bicycle infrastructure. The ride will last two hours and will be approximately 2 miles.

BUSted Storytelling Show

BUStedTrue tales about getting around Los Angeles told by people who don’t drive.  This hilarious and enlightening storytelling show focuses on public transportation but also befriends walkers and bicyclists in the mix. A Car-free Los Angeles is possible, now you can find out how the pros do it!

Chairbombing Workshop*

Learn how to reclaim an abandoned palette board and convert it into an Adirondak lounge chair with nothing but a saw and a box of screws.  This will take place in the Washington Corridor at the Helms Design Center.

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Seedbomb Workshop*

Riley Sobel

Learn how to make your own “Seed-bomb.”  Seed bombs include dirt, fertilizer, and native wildflower seeds, all in one tiny ball that is easy and fun to toss/plant wherever beauty is needed in L.A. This takes place in the urban arena, back room of the Helms Design Center.

Urban Arena

The large back show room at the Helms Design Center will be a host of activity including appetizers, informational booths from organizations and companies making their city a better place, art installations, and fun activities like BUSted, Seedbombs, and Cards Against Urbanity.

Food Trucks*

Food Trucks will be parked along Washington Blvd.

Cards Against Urbanity

cards-against-urbanityThere’s an urban planning parody version of Cards Against Humanity called Cards Against Urbanity. It’s a lot of fun. Sign up to play a few rounds with us!

Closing Night Festivities

Our closing night festivities will include the premiere of the films made in the week-long Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge, followed by the presentation of awards for the entire festival including the challenge. Reception to follow!

*Tentative Events.

If you want to help make them happen, sign up on our volunteer page!